My Year 8 Homeschooling Curriculum and Book List

Here is my Year 8 homeschooling curriculum plan that I prepared for my son and then reused for my daughter. I planned this course of study with the Australian National Curriculum  in mind.

Year 8 is Stage 4 in the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus. That has meant that I treated Year 7 and 8 as a block.

This is an eclectic combination of resources. I’m still going to be using many ideas from Charlotte Mason but I’ll still use a few textbooks. I’ll tweak my textbooks to me more CM friendly. Notebooking, dictation, narration, map work, art appreciation are still the methods I’ll use as the backbone of my lessons.

Everything has been ordered but I’m still waiting for things to arrive. The plan could change somewhat but we will be ready to start in late January.

This the last time I have to plan for a 13 year old! I’ve been homeschooling since before she was born and I’m still loving all the planning (and purchasing).

Year 8 Homeschooling Curriculum Resource List


  • Bible Reading daily
  • Inspirational reader each term: The Prayer of Jabez (Term One) others TBA
  • See Middle Ages book list as well


  • Math Online Year 8 – they have a homeschool discount.
  • Mathmagic by Childcraft – living math reader


  • IEW Writing Intensive Course C Term 1 & 2 (Co op Study)
  • Grammar of Poetry, Video Course DVD (I bought the Teachers manual and the student workbook. I was advised the DVD isn’t necessary. I haven’t seen it yet)
  • Winston Grammar- Term 1-2
  • English Literature for Girls and Boys by Marshall
  • Themed historical writing lessons and narrations (see reading schedule)
  • Lessons in writing in different types of genres in other subjects
  • Poetry Anthology
  • Shakespeare Hamlet – Bell Shakespeare Performance (Co op study read Term 3-4)
  • Read aloud classic novel – The Black Arrow RL Stevenson


Handwriting Calligraphy – Latin Copy Work Genesis One

I’m using this resource for a few reasons:

  • The calligraphy and Latin relates to the medieval period we are studying
  • Latin copywork improves general handwriting
  • Latin as a foreign language helps develop an awareness of the origins of many English words.

Science and Nature Study

Year 8 Homeschooling Curriculum – Literature Based Unit Study

Middle Ages Study


The unit studies in Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries includes: in-depth studies of Mediterranean world (Romans), Western and Islamic World (Vikings, Medieval Europe, Ottoman Empire and Renaissance), Expanding Contacts (Mongol expansion, Spanish conquest, Colonization and contact history) and much more.

We will be using our Book of Centuries, narrations with notebooking, and Living Books.


  • Art classes with qualified art teacher Lake Mack. TBA
  • Piano Lessons
  • Girls Choir

Physical Education and Personal Development

  • Continue teaching as needed personal development skills.
  • History readings also part of personal development and philosophy.
  • Dance Classes
  • Apologia Human Anatomy also explores issues about how fearfully and wonderfully made man is.

Year 8 Homeschool Curriculum Reading Schedule

My 13 year old daughter is a not voracious reader. She does what is allocated but doesn’t go looking for more.  In an effort to get more books into her I’m getting a few audio books for her to do while she occupies her hands with her creative pursuits.

I’ll keep adding to this list as the year goes on.

Year 8 homeschooling – Term 1

Year 8 homeschooling – Term 2

Year 8 homeschooling – Term 3

Year 8 homeschooling – Term 4

See how I organise her work using high school workboxes.


There are some affiliate links in this post to help you find the resources.

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