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My Year 7 Homeschooling Resources

This is the fourth child that I have prepared a Year 7 homeschooling curriculum. Each time I’ve done it a little differently.

Year 7 homeschooling is considered to be Stage 4 in the NESA Syllabus.

This is a list of resources that I used and my book list. I’ve put it here to give you ideas. It’s not perfect and it doesn’t include everything. It’s tailored to suit the strengths, weaknesses and interests of my particular child. Some resources I started but ditched after using them for a while. They didn’t work for us.

I hope that you will find some inspiration from this as you prepare your Year 7 homeschool curriculum.

Independent Learning

I encourage my children to work alone as much as possible. I hardly ever read aloud their books with them. My kids use workboxes for their school work. I am the Year Seven Homeschool Curriculum coach these days. I see my role as a motivator and advisor. I still help out when trouble arises but I still aim for independence.

Independent learning didn’t happen all of a sudden; it has taken a few years of training. I reaped the rewards of this independence as I was ill for most of term 4 and was unable to participate in most of their homeschooling during this time. They soldiered on without me—homeschooling when you’re sick is not an ideal situation but at least things don’t come to a grinding halt if you can teach them to work alone.

Living Books and Textbooks

I still have a Charlotte Mason twist to my homeschool with lots of living books, short lessons, narrations, notebooking and nature study but I use a few more textbooks in high school than I did in the primary years. I find the structure of textbooks relieves me of a great deal of lesson preparation and gives me a goal to work towards. I’m not necessarily using graded textbooks but rather looking for the content that I want to cover in my Year 7 homeschool curriculum.

Year 7 Homeschooling Curriculum Resource


  • Bible Reading daily
  • Youth Group personal development study.

Year 7 Homeschooling – Math

Year 7 Homeschooling – English

  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature Tan (ditched at lesson 21)
  • Phontastic Spelling (completed Term 1 carried over from Year 6)
  • Wordsmith Apprentice
  • Themed historical writing lessons and narrations (see reading schedule)
  • Lessons in writing in different types of genres in other subjects
  • Poetry Anthologies
  • Novel Study – Little Black Princess – Read Aloud (Term 3)
  • IEW Writing Intensive Course B – Co op Study ( Term 4)
  • Spelling Wisdom Book 3
  • Play : Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare Film Festival Glouster
  • Play: Henry V- Bell Shakespeare Performance Opera House

Year 7 Homeschooling – Science and Nature Study

Year 7 Homeschooling – History & Geography

Focus Asia

Including: Living books, Book of Centuries, map work, narrations, information DVD, culture and art. The rest of the outcomes will be covered in Year 8.

  • See Year Seven Homeschool Curriculum Book list 2014 for titles used.

Following the ANC Stage 4 History Outcomes the following in-depth studies were done:

  • Investigating Ancient History
  • The Asian World – India and China
  • Asia Pacific World – Japan

Civics and Citizenship


  • Art classes with qualified art teacher (co-op).
  • Art Appreciation Fine Art Pages
  • Hair and Nail Art – including preparing a presentation portfolio for her clients/friends.
  • Museum
  • Piano Lessons
  • Girl’s Choir

Physical Education and Personal Development

  • Continue teaching as needed personal development skills.
  • History readings also part of personal development and philosophy.
  • Dance Classes
  • Homeschool swimming and sports carnival

My Year 7 Homeschooling Curriculum Booklist

There are many more books I could have selected for my children using my Asian book lists but these are the ones we chose.

Reading through this book list was achieved by my daughter at a comfortable pace.

Year 7 Homeschooling – Term 1

Year 7 Homeschooling – Term 2

Year 7 Homeschooling – Term 3

Year 7 Homeschooling – Term 4

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My Homeschool Year 7 Curriculum

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