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Workbox System Homeschool Review

I love it!

Day one went really well with the new workbox system. The kids were far more focused and we got through our workboxes quickly. I found that as I checked through their work I was able to set up the next day’s folders at the same time.

A Workbox System Homeschool Review from Each Child

Miss 7 always wants something to do, so she was in her element working through the system. I did not fill her ‘boxes’ with busy work but lots of bite size work that she could do. She was able to work a lot more independently and knew when she was supposed to work with me and when she was to work on her own.

Master 9 who can be quite contrary said he didn’t like it much but I actually think he enjoyed the structure and will enjoy it more when he gets used to it.

Miss 11 liked having some tasks added to her workbox that she wanted to do but never seemed to get around to it.

Master 13 is very unstructured and doesn’t pace himself well. Normally he would just work on his favourite topics until he is sick of it and exhaust himself for other subjects. We managed to get more out of his day.

My Workbox System Homeschool Review

I felt far more in touch with what the older ones were doing. I was able to have times table races with my son – I slaughtered him but he loves a challenge and will be trying to beat me tomorrow. I was also able to keep the computer under control better. They all had their computer activities to do but they were all spaced evenly and I made them wear the headphones so they wouldn’t distract.

The ‘boxes’ are set for tomorrow. This is what I put in them.

How I Filled Their Work Boxes

Workbox content -Miss 7
1. 5 mins piano practice
2. Primary language Lessons Emma Serl lesson (work with Mum and brother)
3. One page of copywork
4. Read a chapter of assigned reader (work with Mum)
5. One exercise of Singapore Math
6. Play phonics racing on computer 20mins
7. Read on your own book.
8. Make a craft clock
9. Clock worksheet
10. Come and show work to Mum

Workbox content Master 9
1. Math copywork 2x &3x
2. Primary language Lessons Emma Serl lesson (work with Mum and sister)
3. Singapore Math 1 exercise
4. Downunder Copywork
5. Music Ace computer 1 lesson
6. Make a clock craft
7. Read 5 pages Wilbur and Orville Wright
8. Look through nature book all the bird types.
9. Work on bird book (his request)
10. Come and show Mum work.

Workbox content Miss 11
1. Intermediate Language Lesson by Emma Serl –one exercise
2. 15mins piano practice
3. Life of Fred Fractions Bridge test
4. Read chapter of When Science Fails by John Hudson Tiner
5. Mathletics 20mins
6. Go on blog for 15 mins
7. Have a snack
8. Rosetta Stone study guide review page.
9. Work on water colour painting 30mins
10. Come and show Mum your Work

workbox system homeschool

Workbox Content Master 13

1. 15mins Piano Practice
2. Wordsmith exercise
3. Rosetta Stone CD 20mins
4. Times table races. Work with Mum
5. Study guide questions Apologia Physical Science
6. Mark questions
7. Snack
8. Life of Fred Algebra- Your turn to play questions.
9. Adobe Flash 30mins
10. Come and show Mum work

* We also do readalouds , devotion and one group activity each day -it’s history tomorrow.

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