homeschool workbox ideas

Well, we are now at the end of our second week using the workbox system. We are still refining it to suit our family. Next week I will work on getting our group time more coordinated.

The kids have responded well to this system. They like having it all laid out. I think the schedule chart is excellent. I agree with Sue Patrick, it gives them a sense of progress. Seeing their boxes empty also motivates them to finish. I have been wanting to find a way to bring more accountability into my high schooler’s life and this system does that beautifully. I am finding that this system has really, really helped us get more work done and in a shorter period of time. It helps us all to stay focussed on the task.

20 Homeschool Workbox Ideas

I brainstormed a list of homeschool workbox ideas to pool from.

  1. Logic – puzzles for the younger ones
  2. Keyboard typing lessons
  3. Cooking with mum – a yummy delight or even meal planning
  4. Home skills – maybe pop a quick cleaning chore -dust?
  5. Craft projects – we have a hundred little ity bitty things around that have never been done
  6. Books that I want her to read on topics related to her studies
  7. Science experiments – has to be easy though
  8. Jump on the trampoline or play a quick game
  9. A little hand sewing project for one of my girls
  10. Computer time – I’ll have no complaints here – educational of course!
  11. DVD from the library I want them to watch
  12. Music practice – piano
  13. Foreign language – the older kids have Rosetta Stone – we could also do some flash cards and do picture flash cards
  14. Write a letter to a friend – this will be enjoyable for one but I will need to put a time limit on this
  15. Call Nanny or Grandma – they’ll love that one
  16. Educational games: reading and math games
  17. Copywork/handwriting practice
  18. Sight word practice
  19. Memory work (poem, Bible verse, times tables)
  20. Count money – this is a chart I made on my computer. I change the amounts around easily so I have a few options.

Homeschool workbox ideas

Here is Today’s Homeschool Workbox Ideas.

Miss Seven’s Workbox

1. Copywork page

2.Own reader- Bertie and the Bear by Pamela Allen

3.Reader Rabbit computer game 20mins

4.Picture study -look at pictures from Whistler

5.Make an entry in notebook. I provided a page of Whistler’s pictures. to put in her notebook. I also put glue and scissors in the workbox

6.1/2 piano lesson (the teacher comes today)

7.Math page Singapore math (work with mum-wwm)

8.Read chapter of reader (wwm)

9.Emma Serl -Primary Language Lessons (wwm).

10. Check work over with Mum.

Master Nine’s Workbox
1. Chapter of Box Car children

2. Page of Copywork.

3. Address letter to Ma and Pa. Address (on separate piece of paper to copy), envelope, card (from yesterday) and stamp all in workbox.

4.Music Ace on the computer

5.Page of Singapore Math (wwm)

6.Read 2 pages on Franz Schubert.

7.Put picture in notebook of Franz Schubert (provided) and write his name.

8.Emma Serl-Primary language Lesson. -wwm. We do this with his sister at the same time.

9.Clue Finders CD Rom-Monkey Kingdom

10. Bring work to Mum to check.

Miss Eleven’s Workbox
1. 1/2 hour piano lesson

2. Primary Language Lessons.

3. Life of Fred Fractions

4. Mark Life of Fred

5.Read chapter of When Science Fails by John Hudson Tiner

6. Mathletics for 20 mins

7.Read 2 pages of Franz Schubert

8. Make an entry in music notebook about Franz Schubert using information from previous reading. Picture of Franz provided.

9.Rosetta Stone-Spanish 20 mins

10. Bring work to be checked.

Master Thirteen’s Workbox

1.Piano Lesson with teacher

2. Mathletics 20 mins

3. Wordsmith exercise

4. Life of Fred Algebra

5.Check answers with mum

6.Apologia Physical science module test (1/2 of test)

7.Mark test

8.Picture study Whistler. Read life of Whistler and do a crossword from Garden of Praise.

9.Make an entry in picture study notebook on Whistler.

10.Bring work to Mum to check.

Drawbacks of Workboxes

I am finding less time for our read alouds but I am getting the children to do more reading on their own – something I have been wanting the older ones to do. Using this method I am allocating the reading to be done each session.

Less group time- before we did a large portion of our day together and I find that they are more confined to ‘their boxes’. This is something that I will be streamlining more as the weeks go by.

Less time to escape for me. This is a negative and a postive. To keep things moving we are all in the same room and I am working with the kids as needed. I’m finding it harder to get the washing on or do a few jobs around the house. But then I also have all the work finished much earlier so I can attend to those things after they have finished (hence today’s blog entry).

It has not been hard to fill the workboxes each day but it does require me to fill them. This is a discipline that I am working on and I am enjoying planning their day out and using things that I have but haven’t been using.I refill as I check their work for the day. I have slacked off a couple of times and been sorting at night or like today getting up early but it is worth it!