The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater book review and discussion was started by Jennifer at Wildflowers and Marbles Blog.

The Living Page

Reading this book is continuing to solidify Charlotte Mason’s ideas in my mind.

Ready To Start – The Art of The Keeper

I was organised. I had my new book  The Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason  and I was ready to settle down to some reading. After about ten minutes I realised this book is not going to be a quick read—it’s so thought provoking.

Five minutes later I was up and searching for a pretty notebook so I could start a Book of Commonplace for I had something I wanted to put into it.

My First Entry

Learning is not just for the children, it is for us also.

My 16 year old daughter came to check on me.  “Is it good Mum?” she asked while picking up my new Book of Commonplace to read the two lines written in it. She already had a Book of Commonplace and had decided A Living Page was a book she wanted to read. I made a few comments and then it was back to the book .

When reading through the first chapter I had an “aha” moment about Charlotte Mason’s ideas for notebooking and why she wanted children (and their teachers) to make this a regular part of their lives ; she saw that keeping notebooks was a practice of the scholars. She wanted children to make notebooking a habit just like the great adult thinkers.
After the first chapter I had started a second notebook – My Charlotte Mason Notebook.

I’ve always encouraged notebooking in my homeschool  and I’ve been a firm believer that it is a practice with profit for my children. However I never really knew why she came up with this idea for children. Now I understand a little more about how grounded in good practice her methods really are and why it is good for us all to notebook!