Nature Appreciation November Journal

Nature Journal November

“Let them once get in touch with nature and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight and habit through life.” Charlotte Mason

Nature Appreciation With Your Kids

We have been nature journaling regularly for three years now and I can see the benefits. All of my children have become aware of their surroundings and this brings delight to them and me. Nature appreciation can also be counted as a science and a geography lesson.

We began our nature journaling drawing pictures, making observations and reading.

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Over the years we read Australian nature stories and I made a booklist of some of my favourites.

We are currently reading through Amy Mack’s A Bush Calendar and The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady simultaneously.

These two books go perfectly together as they are written at the same time. One is set in England whilst the other is on the East Coast of Australia.

My Kids’ Nature Journal Entries November

For the different ages of our family nature appreciation looks different. Our oldest boy (Master 13) just likes to listen to the reading.

Writing Observations

Miss 12 prefers to write her observation. Here is her entry from yesterday.

“The warm soft days of spring have past early this year. November, has exchanged its gentleness for a scorching heat not fitting to its normal soft warmth. Even in the morning hours the heat starts to build. The wind, usually refreshing brings no comfort today as it blows hot air on my face. The pavement burns my feet. If this is spring—what will summer be like?

The house is cool, the blinds and curtains are shut, keeping out the heat. Under the big tree in our yard it’s cooler. Leaves shade the ferns and other plants that prefer the cooler weather. The plants are all green thanks to all the October rains.

The gum tree sways in the wind, our rose, once without bloom is the queen of the garden, and its soft pink flowers climb the side fence.”

Nature Drawing

Master 9 still prefers to draw what he sees.

Nature Journal Master 9

I think nature observation is often not thought of as “real science”; I do not agree.
A Bush Calendar Nature Appreciation

Taking Photos

Update 2014: My other daughter at age 12 prefers to take photos and make her Bush Calendar Notebook.

Bush Calendar Pages

The Wonderland of Nature Set

Find out more about Nature Journaling with Kids.

Look here for more nature study ideas.

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