Ten Tips For New Homeschoolers – Friendly Advice

In my 15 years of homeschooling I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to give some ideas and tips for new homeschoolers.

Here is a short list that I have made up for my new homeschooling friends.
tips for homeschooling

Ten Tips For New Homeschoolers

1. Determine your motives for homeschooling. This will affect so many of your choices.

2. Read, read and read some more. You have hundreds of options available with home schooling. Look for good overviews and try not to get bogged down in the curriculum, just yet. Here are some good homeschool books to start with.

3. Network with other homeschoolers. Get to know real life homeschoolers. Try inviting another homeschool family over you might connect with and find out what they do.

4. Make a simple start. Follow a basic scope and sequence at first. As you get a feel for homeschooling you will become more comfortable with what you are doing and you can make changes along the way.

5. Get to know your children’s learning style. This will help you choose a curriculum.

6. Don’t worry about socialisation. Your children will be well socialized without the negative aspect of peer pressure and group think.

7. Don’t rush off and buy everything recommended. Get samples when possible. Resist the temptation to purchase your curriculum from the newsagent or book store. There are many homeschooling resources that will suit your needs better.

8. Be prepared to make some sacrifices. Homeschooling takes a considerable commitment for it to work, especially in the early days.

9. Try to take your focus off academics and on to establishing good habits and close family relationships. Academics will fall into place. Homeschooling is not school at home -it is a lifestyle.

10. Pray for wisdom.

Resources That Will Help You More

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  1. Becky McIntosh  July 19, 2016

    Thanks Michelle.
    Such a great encouraging list. You make it feel so achievable!
    I met you last week at Catherine’s, and got some good book tips off some of the other mums too.
    Thank you again.

    • Michelle  July 22, 2016

      Thanks Becky! I remember our husbands like bridge making.

  2. Amy  March 2, 2016

    I still have a tendency to over-purchase. But I have discovered that most of the time the resources we don’t get to tend to get picked up and used by one of my children at some point as they are browsing our home library shelves. And I wasn’t so great at establishing and maintaining good habits – one of my weaknesses.

  3. Fleur Batchelor  March 1, 2016

    No 7 was my downfall . I went and bought all his current year level only to find we had to go back several years 🙁 also I would say try to find out exactly where your child is before you leave school and so you are clear as to where you are.

    Personally I wish I had become more tech savvy so I knew and felt confident to download all the free resources

    • Michelle  March 1, 2016

      Yes overpurchasing is a biggy! And to make the effort to become tech savvy is a good point but too many freebies can also be an over do-it area if you aren’t careful. Working out your strategy will help you work out what freebies can work for you. Smiles!

  4. Belinda  February 29, 2016

    These are great tips Michelle – I particularly like the first one – knowing why you do something is always a good place to start.


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