Mother restingHolidays can sometimes seem more exhausting than school term. But it’s important to replenish ourselves for the next season of teaching.

Life can get very busy as the year rolls on and momentum builds.

Each month can make us feel a little more behind in our duties and instead of focusing on our progress we begin to become stressed about our lack of achievement and the pile of responsibilities that keep growing.

Consequently we begin to neglect ourselves and cut corners where we can. This usually leaves us feeling overwhelmed and depending on your personality outworks itself in a variety of ways. As the heat turns up on our proverbial pot we sometimes don’t realise that our energy is ebbing away and that we need to turn down the heat, replenish our supplies and reassess. We need some rest time, we can’t afford not to.

I’ve read three books that have significantly impacted my approach to the priorities in my world.

  • Essentialism has taught me that time is a choice and it is finite. If I do one particular thing then I am not doing something else—it’s a trade-off. This has caused me to let go of a few activities in my life in order to make room for the more important things.
  • Switch on Your Brain has given me tools for using my brain to think on issues more deeply and seek answers in prayer and contemplation.
  • Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson has been challenging me not to just fill the spaces of my life with busyness but to intentionally set up habits, attitudes and behaviours that honour my unique role as a mother, wife and worshipper of the God.

In the holidays I enjoy taking time away from homeschooling and doing things unrelated like spring cleaning and home decorating. It’s a fruitful endeavour. It reminds me to ask myself the question, “How do I want to spend my time and where am I actually spending it?” Even though I don’t do anything extraordinary, my heart and soul rest and this rekindles my creativity and renews my desires to follow God’s direction for my life.

These renewed passions and goals have come from a place of rest. This journey will never really end but I’m trying to listen to the whispers of my heart and soul and be aware of my current circumstances and do some cleaning up where necessary and enjoy new directions that open up to me.

I’ve said all this to encourage you that it’s okay to take some time to rest and pull back from some of your responsibilities. It’s invigorating! It will also renew your strength.

Happy holidays!