World Map – Blackline Master

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This simple world map is a gridded blackline master.

Use it for marking in geographical concepts like the equator, time zones, continents, oceans, climate zones, etc.

These maps are used with Elementary Geography Contemporary Guide. One is provided free with each guide.

Black and White A2 size – 42cm x 60cm.

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Use this large world map for your geography studies.

“…geography should be learned chiefly from maps. Pictorial readings and talks introduce him to the subject, but as soon as his geography lessons become definite they are to be learned, in the first place, from the map.” Charlotte Mason

Maps are often one of the first things that come to mind when studying geography. And maps are a good place to start as a way to orientate children to places that you learn about.

When a child begins to mark out the continents and countries for themselves they begin to understand place. This simple map will help your child get a broad understanding of world geography.

Your child can:

  • Fill in the country names
  • Label time zones
  • Mark out the equator and the tropics
  • Colour in continents.

Use this world map in any way you desire.

Black and White A2 size – 42cm x 60cm.

World Map

One copy of this map is provided free with the ebook – Charlotte Mason Elementary Geography: A Contemporary Guide.


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