Pleasant Talk of Places ebook – World Geography Lessons

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Your child can learn about the continents with this delightful world geography resource.

This guide shows you how to use Charlotte Mason’s ideas of panoramic geography.

It includes:

  • 32 lessons (8 lessons per term)
  • maps for your child to label
  • thoughtful questions for each region.
  • teacher’s answer guide
  • notebooking pages
  • world continent map

Your children will enjoy this and so will you.

PDF ebook: 59 pages

Recommended Age: 9 to 12

Sample Pages

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 3 to 6

To complete this course you will also need to buy The National Geographic Kids World Atlas.



“Most of us have gone through a good deal of drudgery in the way of ‘geography’ lessons, but how much do we remember? Just the pleasant bits we heard from travelled friends, about the Rhine, or Paris, or Venice, or bits from The Voyages of Captain Cook, or other pleasant tales of travel and adventure.” Charlotte Mason

World geography lessons can be very interesting for children. It is much more than a fact-finding expedition. It can be done in a way that will capture a child’s interest and give them a sense of adventure as they get to know the lay of the land.

Pleasant Talk of Places is a geography study of the continents based on some of Charlotte Mason’s ideas of panoramic geography.

“The panoramic method unrolls the landscape of the world, region by region, before the eyes of the scholar within every region its own conditions of climate, its productions, its people, their industries and their history. This way of teaching the most delightful of all subjects has the effect of giving to a map of a country or region the brilliancy of colour and the wealth of detail which a panorama might afford, together with a sense of proportion and a knowledge of general principles.” Charlotte Mason

This resource is not a study of all the countries of the world but rather an overview of the continents. Charlotte Mason advocated this method. She would often begin by studying a continent before she broke it down into specific countries or regions. For example she says, when studying Asia a student “begins with a survey of Asia followed by a separate treatment of the great countries and divisions and of the great physical features.”

You will find this resource is suitable for teaching one child or multiple children.

One lesson can be completed in a week or extended if you choose to delve deeper. There are 32 lessons.

Covering The Australian Curriculum

World geography study begins in Year 4 – 6 with the study of a selection of other countries/continents. The Australian National Curriculum has stipulated the order of what countries you can study but I think flexibility in homeschooling allows you to cover many more, in your own order and hopefully sooner. World geography is not really studied again with regards to continents of the world. In high school geography is more about culture, topography and the environment.

Content and Outcomes:

  • Presents the way the world is represented in geographic divisions and the location of Australia in relation to these divisions
  • Presents the idea that places are parts of Earth’s surface that have been named by people, and how places can be defined at a variety of scales
  • develops geographical enquiry skills about familiar and unfamiliar places
  • represents data and locations of places and their features
  • draws conclusions and asks geographical questions about simple geographical places and concepts
  • familiarises students with world geography


To complete this course you will also need to buy The National Geographic Kids World Atlas.

PDF ebook: 59 pages

Recommended Age: 9 -12


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