The Wonderland of Nature Journal ebook

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You will cover the first three years of the Australian Curriculum’s Living World syllabus with this one resource.

Children are encouraged to make their own nature journal while reading through The Wonderland of Nature.

Nature Journal pages include:

  • 32 discovery pages for your child to make their own observations for that day
  • Guided questions for you to ask your child related to the Wonderland of Nature
  • Space for your child to draw or label nature illustrations
  • Quick links to child friendly websites so you won’t have to search
  • Australian Curriculum outcome checklists for your homeschool records
  • An uncomplicated fuss free format for you to follow.

Authors: Michelle Morrow and Margaret Taylor

Downloadable PDF ebook: 44 Pages

Australian Curriculum Suggestion: Kindergarten to Year 3

Sample Pages

The Wonderland of Nature Journal is a downloadable companion to the The Wonderland of Nature book.

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Wonderland of Nature Journal ebook

Teaching children to observe nature through journaling.

The Wonderland of Nature Journal is a downloadable companion to the The Wonderland of Nature book.

It will help your children develop the habit of observing the environment, recording and interpreting what they see and feel.

Your children are encouraged to make their own nature journal while reading through The Wonderland of Nature.

There are 32 Discovery Pages for your child. Each corresponds to various chapters in the book. All the Discovery Page allows your child to add their own observations. For the most part there are no right and wrong answers, as these are not revision worksheets, but rather aids to exploration and consolidation of the material covered in The Wonderland of Nature.

You can print off as many copies as you want for your own children and do this as a family group activity.

The Discovery Nature Journal Pages include:

• Discussion question for narration related to the chapter.

• A place for your child to record their own observations of nature for that day.

• Space for labelling an illustration, finishing of a picture, or making their own nature drawing.

• Lines for relevant notes.


• Web links to child friendly websites for more information.

Once your child has begun their nature journal they need not be limited to the Discovery Pages. They can make their own special entries of events from their own experience such as the possum they saw or a bird that visits your home.   

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Sample Pages of The Wonderland of Nature eJournal

4 reviews for The Wonderland of Nature Journal ebook

  1. Susan

    “Wow, I love the Discovery Sheets! I’m very impressed. These are very well done and they are a fantastic addition to the Australian Homeschool Community.” Susan Priolo Aussie Homeschool Administrator

  2. Jackie

    “The nature journal is beautiful! It has brought life back to our Wonderland Of Nature book. Keep up with the good work.” Jackie

  3. Karen P

    “I want to thank you for all of the work you have put into the great set!!!!

    This is just perfect for our little Australian nature lovers….and I think that you have just enriched our nature studies by 100%.Every detail that you have included on the Wonderland of Nature Journal has been beautifully, and thoughtfully put together, and you have provided my family with a real treasure.

    I could go on, and on, but suffice it to say, again and again….”Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou”! Karen Pearce

  4. Ruth

    “You’re making Australian nature study accessible to mothers like me, who easily become discouraged because we’re never quite sure how we’re supposed to go about it. The Journal is something I can just print out, pick up, and work through with my children without hours of preparation. If I want to use one page, I can do that; but if I want to work through the whole book in order, I can do that, too. I like the simplicity of using one core book (Wonderland of Nature), but the flexibility of the extra pages you include at the end, so that we’re not limited to using it with that book. I like the fact that many of the Discovery ideas actually have us going outside to study nature, and that the questions are ones that have us thinking rather than reproducing answers parrot-fashion. It’s an excellent way of kindling an interest in nature study, with enough direction for those who need it, and room to go way beyond what is written on the page.” Ruth – Wonder To Wisdom

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