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History Makers is a historical look at the characters of the Bible. Use this for your homeschool , kid’s church or Sunday School lessons for kids.


I’ve have been a Christian for 30 years and I am a mum of four children. For the past 12 years I’ve been teaching Sunday School lessons for kids on and off (mostly on). I’ve also been homeschooling for over twelve years. Although I do have a Certificate of Christian Ministry—Biblical Studies, I am mostly self-taught in this topic (a great advantage of homeschooling your kids).

While teaching my children at home I have come across excellent homeschool curriculums that teach the Bible from a historical perspective.  I wanted to find these types of resources to teach Sunday School kids. After searching I couldn’t find one so I decided to write this one.

Homeschooling or Sunday School Lessons For Kids

I’ve taught this program twice in Sunday School to ages 6 to 12. It’s been a very enjoyable experience. These lessons have been developed with the help of all the great homeschooling resources that I’ve used over the years.

Overview of Bible History

I have found that this is a great way to give kids a quick overview of Biblical history in the context of world history. It can be used for homeschool lessons and for Sunday school lesson. Please feel free to use it and share it with your friends.

I hope that you will enjoy teaching this resource and that it will lay a strong Biblical foundation for the children that you teach.

Homeschool Schedule

Split the curriculum into three sections and meander in these time periods adding some read -alouds to your booklist. You can do this over three years. You can start this curriculum if you are going slowly about age 5 or 6.

1. Creation to the Moses – Hang out with the dinosaurs and Noah and find out about Abraham’s travels and how the Jacob became the Nation of Israel.

2. The Kings of Israel, Babylon and the Medes and Persian – We meet Pharoahs, Nebuchadnezzar and who are those Perians anyway?

Here is a Flood and Ancient Egypt and Babylon Booklist .

3. Greek, Romans and The Times of Jesus. Lots of fun stuff here to learn. What happened betwwen the Old and the New Teastament?

Sunday School Schedule

I’ve done this in a way that it is a quick run through the whole Bible in 33 lessons. If you start in the New Year you will have ample time to finish it over one year. Even if kids don’t come regularily each lesson can be run as its own seperate topic.

It’s Free Ebook To Download NOW!

I haven’t polished this curriculum to the level that I would like (I finished writing it almost two years ago) but if I waited till it was perfect then it would probably never get to you. So here it is! Please forgive the typos that I know are in there and if you find something that doesn’t match up with your doctrine then leave it out.


My family and I have put the PowerPoint’s together with the lessons and we have taken many of the Lego pictures from the Brick Bible. The creator of this has some great pictures, but sometimes you will find the creator can be inappropriate, graphic and gory so I’d supervise kids if they want to go on it.

PowerPoint Slideshow Links

Thes slideshows are quite amature really. I whipped them up on a Saturday afternnon before the lesson on the next day. But they are fun and the kids seemed to enjoy them.

Lesson 1: Creation

Lesson 3: The Flood

Lesson 4: The Son’s of Noah

Lesson 5 – 7 : The Era of the Patriarchs – Abraham and Israel, Tribes of Israel and Joseph

Lesson 9 and 10 : Moses

Lesson 12: The Judge Deborah

Lesson 14: Samson and the Philistines

Lesson 15: Samuel – The Last Judge of Israel

Lesson 17: The First King of Israel

Lesson 18: The Second King of Israel

Lesson 19: Last King of United Israel

Lesson 20: The Kingdom Divided

Lesson 21: Northern Kingdom Israel

Lesson 23: The Kingdom of Babylon

Lesson 25: The Medes & Persians

Lesson 26: The Temple Restored

Lesson 28 Israel’s Walls Rebuilt

Lesson 29 The Greek Empire

Lesson 30: The Romans


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