Saint Mary MacKillop Lapbook

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Saint Mary MacKillop’s life is an inspiration. Use this fun & interesting lapbook to teach children about this remarkable Australian woman’s life & legacy.

Use as part of your Australian history studies of significant Australians and celebrations.

This resource is very popular in schools & homeschools.

ZIP file includes:

  • PDF ebook Mary MacKillop Lapbook Templates 11 pages
  • PDF ebook Mary MacKillop instructions 18 pages

Age Range: 5 – 8

Curriculum Suggestion: Kindergarten – Year 3

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Saint Mary MacKillop Lapbook ebook

“Mary’s Life Is An Inspiration For All Australian Children.”

Use this fun and interesting lapbook to teach children about the life of Mary MacKillop.

mary Mackillop For Kids

Mary MacKillop Lapbook

Why Children Will Enjoy This Resource?

  • It’s hands-on and suitable for many learning styles.
  • It’s a stress free lesson. The kids have fun while they learn.
  • Children have an educational keepsake to show-off and be proud of.

Why Will You Enjoy It?

  • The ebook has easy to follow steps, relevant web links, and all the images and paper templates you will need.
  • Assembly is simple. All you need to add is a few basic craft supplies.
  • It’s suitable for multiple ages. You can combine your children’s lessons and save time.
  • It can be used again for other children in your family.

About The Author

“When I was a little girl my father used to tell my sister Louise and me that one day we would be related to a saint. Although we were too young to understand at the time, we saw this come true when we celebrated as Mary MacKillop became Australia’s first saint. What a joyous day!”

Author Amanda Sim

What Will Children Learn While Doing The Lapbook

Mary MacKillop Lapbook

This unit study lapbook resource uses a variety of methods to teach children.

It includes:

  • A short biography of Saint Mary MacKillop
  • The heart warming story of Mary and the Kanakas
  • Inspirational Mary MacKillop quotes
  • A Saint Mary MacKillop timeline
  • Saint Mary MacKillop mementoes
  • Saint Mary MacKillop Children’s Book List
  • And more…

mary Mackillop Lapbook Inside

What Will You Need

  • Saint Mary MacKillop Lapbook ebook
  • a manila folder
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paddlepop stick (or popsicle stick)
  • sheet of A4 cardboard (for paper doll)
  • coloured pencils.
  • small envelope (for quote cards).

Covering the Australian Curriculum

In the Australian National History Curriculum this lapbook can be used for history studies in Stage 1 and Stage 2

History Outcomes:

Stage1 & 2

  • Describes and explains the different experiences of people living in Australia over time.
  • Identifies celebrations & commemorations of significance in Australia and the World (Mary MacKillop Feast Day August 8th)
  • Applies skills of historical enquiry
  • Describes & explains a significant person who helped in the development of Australia
  • Describes how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the environment

Recommended Ages: Kindergarten to Year 3 ( Ages 5-10).  It can be used in a group setting or with individuals.

Please Note: Particulars of Catholic doctrine have not been discussed in this lapbook. The emphasis is on studying the life of a great Australian heroine.

What others are saying about this resource!

“We love it. I bought the school one as Sr Mary and I will be part of the activities day at the Mary MacKillop School here. We are using it then. I have bought another single use copy as I have a visiting Sister of St Joseph here at the moment and she saw ours. She visits schools for RE lessons so she wants a copy for herself and to show the schools so that they will order a school one for themselves. God bless. ”  Chris Symonds Sisters of Saint Joseph Penola


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