Prime Ministers of Australia by Jill Bruce

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Prime Ministers of Australia provides a simplified framework to help your child:

  • understand the role of government,
  • develop political awareness,
  • understand Australia‚Äôs political heritage,
  • learn about Australia’s prime ministers and its parliamentary processes.

Read alone or use with the Australian Politics for Kids set.

Recommended Age: Ages 10 – 14

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 5 – 8

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Prime Ministers of Australia Book $16.95

By Jill Bruce

Biographies are an excellent way to teach history. Reading about the lives of Australia’s prime ministers will introduce kids to Australian politics in a natural and interesting way.

This popular book is in its sixth edition. It covers each of Australia’s prime ministers from Edmond Barton, the prime minister at Federation in 1901, to Scott Morrison.

Each narrative describes an interesting facet of their career or something they achieved in their time as a prime minister.

The summary at the end explains in simple language what a prime minister does, how parliament works in Australia and how laws are made, plus a few interesting facts about the old and new Parliament Houses in Canberra.

Covering The Australian Curriculum

This resource can be used for humanities & social studies lessons (history, civics and citizenship) in Year 5 to Year 8.


  • researches using Prime Ministers of Australia biographies and historical timelines how governments are influenced in their law making and political views
  • reflect on the historical influence of previous prime ministers, and their governments, and how they have impacted future generations
  • understands how democratic elections allow Australian voters to change government
  • develops a knowledge and understanding of key features of Australia’s government and electoral processes
  • identifies the characteristics of a good representative of government
  • describes the key role of government in applying the democratic values of a nation
  • identifies the way groups can participate in the democratic process through lobbying members of parliament
  • demonstrates an understanding of the three levels of government and their different & shared responsibilities
  • understands the underpinning features of Australia’s democratic government with reference to its’ British heritage & constitution
  • explores key elements of Australia’s constitution including the separation of powers and changes to the constitution through referendum.

Recommended Age: Ages 10 – 14

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