Primary Language Lessons Year 6 – ebook

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If you are looking for a Charlotte Mason styled language arts program that also complies with the Australian Curriculum then you need look no further.
This homeschool English resource combines literature lessons with spelling, dictation, narrations, picture study, observations, poetry, writing and grammar.
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Downloadable PDF ebook: 96 pages with additional
Answer Guide PDF ebook: 14 Pages
Recommended Age: 11 to 13 (Year Six)

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Primary Language Lessons Year 6 uses many lessons from Emma Serl, a popular Charlotte Mason styled educator, and a variety of new lessons written specifically to meet the Australian curriculum (including NSW & WA).

Reading is encouraged with simple stories using a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Spelling is improved through dictation with the addition of some common spelling rules.
Comprehension is developed through the outlines, persuasive texts, questions to answer, the art of narration and observation.

Grammar and punctuation lessons are based on correct usage of common mistakes rather than rules.
One year’s worth of work is scheduled into 4 terms with 3 lessons per week for 8 weeks with the last week of each term set aside for review and catch-up.

Primary Language Lessons Year 6 Benefits:

  • Planning has been done for you so you can pick up a go.
  • Your child can do most lessons independently.
  • Lessons are short taking around 30 minutes.
  • Many lessons can be done orally so your child will not get bogged down in worksheets.
  • Answer guide provided for checking your child’s answers.
  • Comprehensive English program with Charlotte Mason flair that cuts out the busy work and gives you more time for reading.
  • Scope and sequence provided for state registration with Australian curriculum outcomes and codes added
  • You don’t need to buy any other books to complete this resource. The relevant passages are all provided within this resource.
  • Written lessons are completed in a notebook (or exercise book) so there is no extra printing of worksheets.
  • No searching for additional educational videos on relevant topics they are included in the lessons.

Do I Need To Start At The Beginning?

The 96 lessons in this resource provide the material that is required for Year 6 study when following the Australian Curriculum. If you have already covered some Year 6 material in a previous resource it is appropriate to slot yourself into the correct week in our four term schedule. Lessons are not dependent on each other so this would work in most circumstances.

Is this enough?

Reading practice is still needed to increase your child’s fluency so keep giving your child other books to read.

Daily copywork can also be added for extra handwriting practice.

I suggest for Year 6:

  • Aesop’s Fables – Cursive

For additional spelling practice I recommend dictation using:

  • Downunder Passages once per week.

Download Table of Content

Download Curriculum Outcomes with Scope and Sequence

Download Sample Lessons

Buy now and start tomorrow.

Downloadable PDF ebook: 110 Pages

Recommended Age:11 – 13 (Year Six)

Note: Primary Language Lessons Year 6 is based on the 100 – 200 lessons in Emma’s Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons.


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