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Primary Language Lessons -Year 2 & 3


Primary Language Lessons has remained a popular English resource with Charlotte Mason homeschoolers because:

  • good literature and narrations form the basis of many lessons,
  • the literature is already selected. You don’t need to prepare lessons, just open the book and start,
  • teaching notes are within the lessons so you don’t need a separate teacher’s guide,
  • a variety of language arts skills are taught so you can use this as your primary language resource.

It combines spelling, dictation, narrations, picture study, observation, poetry, writing, and grammar usage into one easy to follow resource. Just add copywork and reading to complete your English course of study.

This Australian Version has already added Australian content and it meets the Australian Curriculum requirements of literacy, literature and language skills.

Download a free sample of the first 13 lessons

Downloadable PDF ebook: 119 page + 11 page Picture Study ebook

Recommended Age: 7 to 9

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 2-3.

Product Description

“I have used a few language arts curriculums over the years and none seem to fit just right BUT Primary Language Lessons comes pretty close. This is a simple straightforward curriculum that cuts out the busy work and gets children writing, reading and thinking.” Michelle

Primary Language Lessons is a comprehensive language arts program that can teach a variety of English skills. It is suitable to teach in Year 2 and 3.This is a flexible resource that can also be used to teach more than one child at a time. I taught my advanced Year One child and Year Three student simultaneously and they enjoyed learning together and comparing notes.

Australian National English Curriculum & Primary Language Lessons

Originally written in 1911, this language arts resource has remained popular because of its holistic literature based lessons. This version has been adapted and updated from the original to include Australian and New Zealand literature and poetry.

Primary Language Lessons (Australian Edition) covers the three strands of the Australian National curriculum.

1. Literature (Reading) Lessons – Copywork, dictation and narration lessons are based on good models and excellent literature (including Australian literature). Australian and classic poetry readings and memorisations help children develop an appreciation for good poetry.

2. Literacy (Writing) Lessons – Spelling, grammar and punctuation is taught in context with usage. Drill on correct forms of speech and words are given. Composition exercises are often connected to the previous lessons giving children ideas to write about.
Grammar lessons are gentle and teach a child how to use words rather than focus on the terminology.

3. Language (Speaking, Listening and Viewing) Lessons – Oral observation lessons, picture study and poetry are also used to encourage vocabulary building and thinking and speaking skills.

Features Of Primary Language Lessons

Built In Teacher’s Guide—No Preparation Required

At the beginning of this ebook we have extended the teacher’s suggestions to give you confidence and make teaching this resource simple. All of the lessons are self explanatory and you can just pick up the book each day and start the lesson.

Only a Notebook is Needed —No Extra Books or Materials to Purchase

You don’t need to buy any other books or read alouds to go with this resource. The relevant passages are all provided within this resource. All you need is a notebook (or exercise book) for your lessons.

A Good Charlotte Mason Resource

Emma Serl and Charlotte Mason were contemporaries and their approach to learning language arts was quite similar. Many homeschoolers who follow the Charlotte Mason method use this as their language arts resource. Laura Berquist, author of Design Your Own Classical Curriculum also suggests that this is her preferred English lessons program.

Complete Over One Or Two Years

There are 160 lessons in the ebook.

Many of the lessons can be done orally and you can move at a pace that suits your child. Most lessons can be finished in 10-15 minutes.

We sometimes did one lesson over two days, and other times we did three lessons in a day (we even skipped some lessons). Two to three lessons per week will be enough to complete this resource in two years. If you want to work through the resource faster this is also achievable. You can set the pace.

Is This Enough Work For My Child?

English lessons for children need to teach a variety of skills. This resource has done the hard work for you and pulled together the essential elements of a good language arts program. It combines spelling, dictation, narrations, picture study, observation, poetry, writing, and grammar into one easy to follow resource.

You will still need to develop your child’s reading skills and read aloud to them. Daily copywork can also be added for extra handwriting practice.

After finishing Primary Language Lessons you can commence Intermediate Language Lessons Book 1.

Try The First 13 Lessons For Free

Download a free sample of the first 13 lessons

This language arts resource has proved its worth.

Buy now and start tomorrow.

Downloadable PDF ebook: 119 page  + 11 page Picture Study ebook

Recommended Age: 7 to 9

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 2-3.

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    An excellent quality e-book. I also own the original hard bound book. There are quite a few differences; for the better in my opinion. The language/usage is updated without changing the simple quality lessons. The e-book is well worth the price for me because I can easily print only the written lessons my child needs directly from my iPad (pc storage would be just as good though). Would like to get Intermediate LL as an ebook also.

    The value of ebooks like this is extremely high for homeschooling mums of multiple children. Rebecca G

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