Notebooking Success by Jimmie Lanley


Notebooking Success is a complete manual for implementing notebooking in your homeschool.

ZIP file: Notebooking Success PDF ebook plus 5 bonus files.

Recommended Age: Teacher’s Guide

Curriculum Suggestion: Kindergarten to Highschool

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Notebooking Success

It’s great to have all the resources in the world but sometimes we wonder how do I actually turn this into a lesson. Notebooking is a key. Jimmie explains how to use notebooking when using a Charlotte Mason, Classical or Eclectic method of homeschooling.

“Even though I’ve been notebooking for many years this short ebook gave me more ideas of how to use this educational powerhouse in my homeschool. You will really benefit from reading this ebook. I recommend it. ” Michelle Morrow

Notebooking Success Ebook

by Jimmie Lanley


For far less than the cost of a single workbook, Notebooking Success teaches you, the homeschool mum, a learning technique that is applicable to all academic areas for every student you teach regardless of grade level.

Free Bonus Files

Notebooking Success bonus pages

»» 50 Things to Put into a Notebook

A printable chart designed for your  notebook planning. Use it when you need new notebooking ideas.

»»General Notebooking Pages

This specially created set of lightly tinted notebooking pages features four layouts in three line styles (primary, manuscript, and wide ruled).

»»Grade Specific Reference Sheets

So that you don’t have to wade back through the entire eBook for weekly reference, there are three reference sheets specifically for different grade levels: 1st-3rd, 4th-6th, and 7th-12th grades. Print the level you need.

Getting the Most out of Notebooking

Anyone can throw a notebooking page in front of the kids. But it takes deliberate attention to use those notebooking pages for maximum benefit. As powerful as notebooking is, it can become busy work that wastes time instead of reinforcing the learning if not implemented correctly.

Notebooking Success will answer these questions:
◾Am I using notebooking to its fullest potential?
◾How do I know if my children are really learning?
◾What is notebooking?
◾How do I use notebooking to help my children learn and to remember what they learn?
◾What should I expect from different ages?

What Notebooking Success is not

Notebooking Success
Notebooking Success is not a workbook or a set of lesson plans. It is not a curriculum at all but instead a how to manual that teaches a homeschool mum the ins and outs of notebooking.

Easy Purchase and Download

Immediately after your secure purchase with PayPal, you will receive a link where you can download and save the ebook plus the five bonus files all in a single zipped file.

The convenient PDF format means you can print it or read Notebooking Success eBook from your computer, iPad, or eReader.


Your purchase of Notebooking Success is a one time transaction. In the case that an updated version of the book is released, your initial purchase does not qualify you for free copies of that revised version.


Kris BalesKris Bales is the author of Hands-On Learning:  Cross Curricular Projects to Make Learning Come Alive! and blogs at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, the home of the Weekly Wrap-Up.

When I first heard about Jimmie’s new ebook, Notebooking Success, my first thought was, “I don’t need that because my kids don’t enjoy notebooking.” I was surprised to find that it’s not notebooking that my kids don’t enjoy – it’s lapbooking. While notebooking can employ some elements of lapbooking, it’s really similar to what we already do…but more purposeful and fun!

Notebooking Success showed me that our binders, with just a little more effort, can be much more than a place to store papers until I’m ready to shred them before beginning the next school year. Instead, they can become our own personalized reference tools, keepsakes of the things we’ve learned and the places we’ve visited, and a great learning tool.

I love that Notebooking Success is peppered with nuggets of wisdom and tips for success. My favorite tip was a simple, but brilliant idea for keeping track of all the notebook-related files you have stored on your computer. I’m forever finding things on my computer that I meant to use with a certain topic, but forgot that I had.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage organizational, problem-solving, and composition skills in a way that can encompass every subject and nearly any homeschooling method, I encourage you to read Notebooking Success.

Barb-McCoy-150x150Barbara McCoy is the creator of the Outdoor Challenges, Sketch Friday, and Harmony Arts Curriculum. She blogs at Harmony Art Mom and The Handbook of Nature Study.

When Jimmie asked me to review Notebooking Success, I was anxious to glean practical ideas for our family. This was a tall order since we are a notebooking family with a high school aged student. This book did not disappoint me in any area. It gave solid reasons for using notebooking techniques as a follow-up to any area of learning. It showed the value of notebooking, the steps to build a notebook, and the methods to include all types of learning into one valuable and memorable notebook project. I highly recommend Notebooking Success to any family looking to start on the road to a notebooking style of homeschooling or as a resource for families already using this method.

Cindy-Headshot-150x150Cindy West is the author of Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners published by Prufrock Press and the owner of Shining Dawn Books. She blogs at The Journey Westward and is a contributor to The Heart of the Matter and The Curriculum Choice.

Clear. Concise. Full of practical ideas. Easy to implement. Very motivating! Those are phrases that perfectly describe Notebooking Success by my blogging friend, Jimmie.

I’m not new to notebooking. My children have used this method of narration and writing for years in our homeschool . But, after reading Jimmie’s e-book, I felt a renewed passion for this excellent method of teaching and learning – and this old dog even learned a few new tricks!

Jimmie’s writing style is so smooth and succinct that you’ll find yourself easily reading all the way through the book in less than 30 minutes. More importantly, at the end of the 30 minutes, you’ll have all the tools you need to get started (or refreshed) with notebooking right away.



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