Nature Journaling With Kids ebook

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Nature Journaling with Kids will help you make nature journaling a part of your child’s homeschool lessons.

This book will give you ideas for :

  • where you can go,
  • what you should look for,
  • what you need to take,
  • what you can collect.

Table of Content

Recommended Age: Foundation and Up

PDF Instant Download: 15 pages


Delight Them With Australia’s Nature

This guide was written by two homeschooling mothers who love and use nature journaling in their homeschool. They want to show you how to make nature journaling a wonderful part of your homeschool.
The Wonderland of Nature Set
“It is infinitely well worth the mother’s while to take some pains every day to secure, in the first place, that her children spend hours daily amongst rural and natural objects; and, in the second place, to infuse into them, or rather, to cherish in them, the love of investigation…” Charlotte Mason Series Volume 1, p.71

Direct contact with nature and teaching a child to notice what is going on around them is a deliberate activity that can be worked into the fabric of your homeschool routine. Nature study, nature walks and backyard science observations are to be encouraged. Think of these activities as part of your science lesson not as optional extras.

This guide will help you understand the value of nature study and give you hints and tips to help you get started


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