Latin Copywork – Genesis 1


This resource includes:

  • 31 short lessons for copywork from the Latin Vulgate using Genesis Chapter One, with English translation directly underneath.
  • Dotted thirds handwriting guide. A4 portrait and landscape.
  • Alphabet chart in Edwardian script.

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You will need to provide your own calligraphy equipment and paper.


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I always thought that learning Latin had minimal benefits: such as learning the vocabulary used in some scientific subjects, understanding some root words used in the English language and helping understand other Latin based languages. However I had thought it was a dry educational endeavour that I would leave to the Classical educators. If my children wanted to read Latin they could learn it later in life.

This year I read Consider This by Karen Glass and I realised for the first time the benefit of teaching my kids Latin and why Charlotte Mason was encouraging her teachers to teach this to her students. Fluency was not the goal in Charlotte Mason Latin lessons, instead it involved exposing children to Latin and giving them a basic understanding of the language so they could decipher phrases and read Latin at an intermediate level. It was all part of her plan to give children a “liberal education”. I was quite relieved to think that my goal with Latin was not to produce Latin scholars but rather to introduce my children to Latin. Now I felt far more capable and willing to teach this subject. But how would I do this?

A few years ago I read Carry On Mr Bowditch. I was fascinated with how Nathaniel Bowditch taught himself languages by simply reading translations of the Bible. I decided that copying the ultimate living book, the Bible, was how we were going to approach our Latin lessons. It was also a very cost effective method.

We are studying the Middle Ages as part of our history rotation this year and I thought that Latin fits perfectly into this period. Calligraphy, the artistic handwriting of the monks and scribes, was also something I wanted to do to inspire beautiful penmanship. Since all the letters that we use in English are part of the Latin alphabet, I determined these two subjects would combine perfectly.

So  I made some Latin Copywork using Genesis Chapter One. I thought I’d share it with you. I hope you like it. It is very simple in its approach and can be done in a few ways:

  • Use it as straight copywork or combine to use as a calligraphy lessons.

Michelle Morrow

Latin Copywork

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  1. My son loved this resource so much and raved about it to his friends, so I’m now buying a copy as a gift. Hannah – Tasmania

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