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I’m often asked what can I use to teach good writing. I never hesitate to recommend Institute of Excellence in Writing!

This resource is one of my favourites for high school students and my family has  used their writing intensive programs with great success.

IEW has many quality resources for teaching writing.

You can only purchase this from the USA.

This is an affiliate link. I became an affiliate after using IEW and wanting other homeschoolers to benefit from this exceptional product!

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Why I Like Andrew’s Student Writing Lessons:

  • Children are given DVD tutorials using a set of well organised videos filmed when Andrew Pudewa was teaching a small class of homeschool students.
  • Andrew Pudewa presents the skill of writing to children using a formulaic approach. He’s witty and has a laid back style that amuses children.
  • His style is clear and uncluttered so children know what is expected of them.
  • Practical examples are provided and children are given an opportunity to immediately put their knowledge into practise.
  • Australian children will have no difficulty relating to the lessons and enjoying Andrew’s corny jokes.
  • DVD lessons allow your children to learn independently of you. However, I must confess I watched all the DVDs with my kids and I learnt so much!
  • It’s affordable for what it gives you and it’s very popular as a second hand item.

This product can only be purchased in the USA.  Here is the direct link to IEW. Shipping takes approximately 2 weeks. The DVDs work on Australian players and if you need replacement because one is faulty (this happened to me once) they will replace it.

My Favourite IEW Products

Student Writing Intensive Level B – This is great for teaching writing skills especially when you have a reluctant writer. Your child will learn, amongst other things, how to repeat back information using key words, strong verbs and varying sentence styles. If your child has been writing narrations or their own little stories this will begin to consolidate their style and teach them a model for good writing. You do not need to do Level A before starting Level B. I think it’s great to start this in Year 7 or 8.

Student Writing Intensive Level C – This level reviews the concepts from Level B and begins developing skills in essay writing, comparing a range of articles and writing about them and shows you how to use these skills in everyday writing. You could do this without doing Level B however it would be harder to grasp some of the concepts. Recommended for Year 8, 9 or 10.

I decided to become an affiliate for IEW because I wanted Australian homeschoolers to know about this exceptional product!


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