How to Homeschool 101

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An Australian how to homeschool set for new homeschoolers written by an experienced homeschool mum of 17 years.

Learning how to homeschool is more important than finding out what to teach. It’s my experience that many new homeschooling parents spend a great deal of time focusing on the curriculums and completely miss the fact that they have to teach them.


How To Homeschool 101 ebook

Essential Information for the getting started home school.

If you’re new to homeschooling then no doubt you are starting to get information overload. You may even be a little panicky about how to homeschool.

Yes, there is a lot to learn and what do you need to know first?

How To Homeschool 101 will give you a quick crash course on homeschooling.

As a new zealot to home educating I used to believe that anyone could homeschool, but after years of seeing people begin and then stop shortly after, I can see that it does require certain elements in order to homeschool successfully.

How to Homeschool 101 is an ebook that I put together to give you the information you need as you begin your homeschooling journey. It will help you to avoid some of the homeschool pitfalls, help you identify educational curriculum traps and show you how to find treasure in your children. It’s not about specific curriculums or how to teach specific subjects. Rather it’s your induction training package.

Forget about curriculums for now. Find out how homeschooling is different to school and enlighten yourself on how others are doing it.

This will save you loads of money because you can buy the best curriculums available but if you don’t work out how to make learning happen your curriculums will be wasted.


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