Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guide – Year 3 – Year 6

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This is a curriculum guide full of suggestions for those of you who want to understand how the Australian National Curriculum (ANC) can be taught in your homeschool.

It is an eclectic curriculum guide that uses living books and incorporates many ideas from the Charlotte Mason method.

It includes resource suggestions and outcome checklists.

PDF ebook:41 pages

Recommended Age: For homeschooling parents of  8 to 12

Sample Australian Curriculum Guide 3-6

Curriculum Suggestion: Use for Years 3 to 6


Over the past few years I’ve written a collection of blog posts and handouts on planning your own  curriculum. Now I have gathered these together into one small  easy to use ebook.

It is a homeschool curriculum guide for those of you who want to understand the Australian National Curriculum (ANC) requirements while planning your homeschool curriculum.

This is my version of how the ANC can be adapted to a homeschool setting. It’s not a comprehensive scope and sequence. It is mainly a guide which still allows plenty of flexibility.

Is This A Christian Homeschool Curriculum?

A Christian education is important to me and you will find that many of the resources that I recommend are Christian based. There are also many secular resources recommended,  however I have not chosen resources simply because they are Christian but rather because they will give your child a good base, often a secular resource was the best choice.

Throughout this ebook you will find that my Christian conviction peppers the pages but if you are not a Christian don’t be offended by my beliefs. Rather I ask you when you read something that doesn’t apply to your beliefs please consider what you would like to use as an alternative in the education of your child.

I wrote this guide for Australian homeschoolers and I hope that this will give you a good foundation as you design your own homeschool curriculum. It is meant to be shuffled around to suit your needs. Curriculum choice varies depending on the individual child and each specific family’s homeschooling needs.

I have used many Charlotte Mason (CM) ideas when planning this guide but there are also several eclectic resources recommended. Charlotte Mason  wanted children to have a high quality education that was broad.  It is my desire that the suggestions here will also reflect that same desire.

Sample Australian Curriculum Guide 3-6

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