Downunder Passages

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This Dictation,Text, Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling Guide includes:

  • 32 Australian and New Zealand literature passages for you to use with your child – passages increase in difficulty,
  • tips on using dictation for comprehension, vocabulary and identifying literary genres,
  • text type examples and definitions so you can expose your children to a variety of literary styles,
  • common spelling rules checklist for reference when explaining spelling mistakes,
  • marking and word study chart,
  • Charlotte Mason grammar lesson examples so you can see how she taught this subject quite simply.

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Downloadable PDF ebook:  66 pages
Grade Level: Year 4 to Year 7
Recommended Age: Ages 9 to 13
Curriculum Suggestion: Year 4 to Year 6



Downunder Passages is a language arts guide for primary.

Useful information has been provided on:

  • copywork and dictation
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • literary devices
  • genres
  • comprehension
  • vocabulary

You also get:

  • a sample lesson planner
  • some marking and assessment ideas
  • a list of general punctuation rules
  • a grammar and literary check list
  • a list of basic spelling rules
  • some Charlotte Mason grammar lessons
  • a description of genres and text types.

This collection of 32 excerpts from whole or ‘living’ Australian and New Zealand literature, dating from 1769-2007 covers a range of genres and text types.

All of the quotes used are also used in the Downunder Copywork Series.

They include:

  • classic fiction
  • poetry
  • songs
  • biographies
  • nature study
  • explorers’ journals.

A Flexible Resource That Can be Used With Any Curriculum

Downunder  Passages -Text, Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling Guide can be used:

  • as a standalone resource
  • as a complementary teaching resource to the Downunder Copywork Series.
  • to complement an existing curriculum that needs some Australian and New Zealand content
  • to add variety to language arts lessons.

Dictation lessons can be done:

  • daily
  • once a week. One lesson per week will take you through one school year.
  • ‘ad hoc’ (when you feel like it).

Who Should This Guide?

This is not a graded text because dictation can be used regularly from 4th grade onwards.

With one passage multiple ages can be taught.

Passages are presented in a large font which makes it suitable for copywork for younger children.

Downunder Passages Sample

Dictation exercises are aimed to suit Year 4 – 8 (Ages 9-14).

Covering The Australian Curriculum

English Outcomes:

  • Basic spelling and punctuation rules are used when reproducing different texts.
  • Vocabulary is increased with exposure to different texts.
  • Produces texts clearly, effectively and accurately, using the sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions of the text type.
  • Uses knowledge of letter-sound correspondences, common letter patterns and a range of strategies to spell familiar and unfamiliar words.
  • Variety of text types used using Australian literature .

PDF ebook:  64 pages

Recommended Age: Ages 9 to 13

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 4 to Year 6


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