Downunder Copywork & Passage Study Set


Downunder Copywork set includes all our Downunder Copywork eBooks and Downunder Passages.

PDF ebooks: 4 ebooks

Recommended Age: Ages 6 to 13

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 1 to Year 7



Australian & New Zealand Copywork, Spelling, Grammar & Dictation

Laying the foundations for excellent writing using classic Australian and New Zealand literature that will educate and inspire.

Downunder Copywork Saves You Time.

Our literature extracts are chosen from Australian and New Zealand classic fiction, poetry, songs, biographies, studies of nature and explorers’ journals which date from 1700’s-2007.

It’s so easy, it requires minimal forward planning and it is something your children can do independently.

Easy worksheets mean no more losing their place or books closing suddenly.

How Much Copywork?

Our quotes are set out in bite sized chunks. Just one page per day is usually achievable.

Choose Your Preferred Handwriting Style

Space is provided underneath the text so the children can easily model the handwriting.

Printing, cursive, italics and manuscript editions are available.

Great For Large Families.

This resource can be used again and again within the family. Print off as many as your children need.
Buy the whole set and receive our Downunder Dictation and Teacher’s Guide Free

Downunder Copywork and Dictation Set Includes:

Downunder Copywork Book One – Printing $9.95

This copy work book assumes a basic level of competence in letter construction for the student. It begins with tracing the font and then progresses to a smaller font that can be copied on lines below the text. It has a place for your students to make their own illustrations and a few pictures to colour in.

Age range: 7-8. Read More…

Downunder Copywork Book One


Downunder Copywork Book Two – Cursive $9.95

Book Two is specifically for those making the transition from printing to cursive. It begins with tracing the font and then progresses to a smaller font that can be copied on lines below the text.

Age range: 8-10 years old. Read More…

Downunder Copywork Book Two

Downunder Copywork Book Three – Advanced Cursive $9.95

In Book Three we have a great collection of literature full of adventure. We used a more advanced cursive style, based on the foundation font, with loop joins for some letters.

Age range: 9-12 years old. Read More…

Downunder Copywork Book Three

Downunder Passages: Text, Grammar and Spelling Guide $12.00

Use this resource to complement an existing curriculum that needs some Australian content.  It includes  lessons ideas on text types, some Charlotte Mason grammar lessons, spelling rules and punctuation guide.

Age range: 8 to 12 years old.


This dictation, text types, punctuation, grammar and spelling guide includes:

  • 32 Australian and New Zealand literature passages for you to use with your child – passages increase in difficulty,
  • tips on using dictation for comprehension, vocabulary and identifying literary genres,
  • text type examples and definitions so you can expose your children to a variety of literary styles,
  • common spelling rules checklist for reference when explaining spelling mistakes,
  • marking and word study chart,
  • Charlotte Mason grammar lesson examples so you can see how she taught this subject quite simply.

View Sample.
Downloadable PDF ebook: 66 pages
Grade Level: Year 4 to Year 7
Recommended Age: Ages 9 to 13
Curriculum Suggestion: Year 4 to Year 7

Additional information

Handwriting Font

Manuscript, Italics (Foundation Font)

7 reviews for Downunder Copywork & Passage Study Set

  1. “I was wildly excited when I discovered your website yesterday. It looks beautiful, and you are doing something that’s been needed for years. I especially like the look of your Copy Work books.” Ruth Marshall Wonder to Wisdom

  2. “I’ve printed out some of the pages and have read all of them. They are wonderful! I was thinking it would be nice if there was a place for young children to illustrate them, and lo and behold, the first book has space for a picture on each page. The choices are great. I am going to try them with my children next week.” Mary Collis. A Living Education

  3. “We began using the copybooks yesterday – and even my 12 darling son said he really liked them. Not only was his writing neater, he really enjoyed reading what he was writing and reading the extra’s I copied from your website. He can’t wait to see what he gets today. I am very impressed with both the copybooks and Wonderland of Nature book and discovery pages and shall be recommending them to everyone I see.
    Thanks for putting together such fabulous Australian resources. I will be very interested in any of your future resources.” Sandi

  4. The copywork books that I purchased from you are used every day by my 7, 11 and 13 year olds! It is so nice to have copywork readily available to use, especially on those days where I can’t seem to get organized (too many days!) The passages that you have chosen are excellent. Kind Regards, Jacqui

  5. “From someone who has just purchased the complete set of copy work books for the varying ages of our children, I’d just like to say how impressed I am with them, with the specific and classic Australian and NZ literature used – I can identify with some of the poetry and extracts used that take me back to my dear school days …. ahhhhh! Or should I say AHHHHHHH!!!!!! My enthusiastic five y/o loves the Beatrix Potter Beginner set, too. Certainly worth a look, I’ve never been so excited about copy work before!” Leesa

  6. “Yesterday my 8yo daughter composed this beautiful, little poem. It got me wondering where the ability and know-how had come from, because I really don’t believe it has come from me as I have done very little poetry with my kids. She has a natural talent in language and creativity, and has also been the one to spend the most time of all my children with your copywork book 1. She loves to read out her copywork passages and she ‘plays’ with the words and phrases.
    Thank you so much for putting your time, energy and effort into these resources – I’m so grateful for the high quality literature found in the workbooks and the tangible inspiration they have been to this daughter, in particular!
    Today, I printed off Workbook 2 – because now she is really keen to learn cursive writing – and I look forward to the time my daughter can have to soak up more inspiration from some of the best Australian writers.
    Greets from sunny Amsterdam! Michelle Van Den B

  7. By the way, though I’m sure you now it already – your copybook materials are tremendous. They have saved me mountains of time searching for suitable copybook material, particularly for my high school students. My older children, aged 12 and 14, have thoroughly enjoyed the content. Jennifer S Victoria

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