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Written more like a travel brochure than a textbook, this compact geography book will bring Australia to life – region by region and place by place.

Our collection of homeschooling parent authors share their stories and local knowledge so your child can imagine being there.

Jo Lloyd, our main author and editor, is also a geographer and she made sure we offered your children an accurate and interesting account of Australia’s diverse geography.

Australia’s unique environmental and natural features are discussed with factual clarity without the usual references to the theory of evolution.

Downunder Geography & Discovery Pages and Map is a companion resource for this book.

Discover Downunder Book: 34 Pages
Printed in Australia
Recommended Ages: Ages 9 – 14
Curriculum Suggestion: Year 4 to Year 8

Sample Pages and Table of Content

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Australian Geography For Kids

“Australia is a land filled with great big things. There is the Great Barrier Reef, Great Artesian Basin, Great Dividing Range, Great Australian Bight, Great Victorian Desert, Great Sandy Desert, and the Great Ocean Road. Our mainland has the big rock—Uluru, the biggest salt lake, the biggest coal port, the biggest fence, and the biggest group of feral camels. We even made our own big tourist attractions like the Big Banana in NSW, Big Pineapple in Queensland, and Big Lobster in South Australia—just to name a few.  And one of the very great big things about Australia is how diverse the geography is.”

Forming a mental map of Australia’s geography in the mind of a child is what this book aspires to do.

The pages bring to life Australia’s mountains, lakes, and geographical features, region by region and place by place. Australia’s geography facts unfold gently with short chapters on specific topics penned with the flair of a travel writer.

Whilst written with children in mind, adults will still enjoy this book.

It covers descriptive geographic terminology in an intelligent manner.  Simple maps and illustrations give visual landmarks as the authors explain concepts in ways that are easy to understand. A child will be left with a sense of wonder without overwhelming them with information that is influenced by any particular ideology or world view.

This book holds the knowledge children need as they begin the journey to Discover Downunder! It covers topics that are part of the Australian National Curriculum for primary and high school.

Black and White Illustrations

Table of Content and Sample Pages

Lesson Ideas

This book can form the basis of a one year Australian geography curriculum.

Use Downunder Geography Discovery Pages for recording chapter summaries or narrations from the book.

Australian Geography Notebooking PagesAustralian notebooking page

Downunder Australian Geography Curriculum Outcomes:

  • Understands Australia as states and territories and Australia’s major natural and human features
  • Describes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders ideas of country and place
  • Identifies some environmental factors that have influenced Australia as a place
  • Identifies the similarities and differences of people living in different places in Australia
  • Identifies the main climate types found in Australia
  • Interprets geographical data on maps including borders, legend, scale and north point

Soft Cover Printed Book: 34 Pages

Recommended Ages: Ages 9 – 14

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 4 to Year 8

Get the map and discovery pages to give yourself a complete geography curriculum.

Discover Downunder Set

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3 reviews for Discover Downunder – Australian Geography For Kids

  1. Jean

    I used Australian Geography for kids for my year 4 and year 6 children. Both my kids learn well when they do “written narrations” for most subjects. This book was well suited for this way of learning. I enjoyed the fact that the book contained enough information so that we covered important facts. It was also a great book that lead us to further investigate other areas – a rewarding way of learning. We purchased the notebooking PDF that went with this book. By the end of the year we felt that we had an impressive record of our learning. I really liked using this book!


  2. Jeanne

    Michelle sent me a copy of Discover Downunder and the Australian Traveller’s Map for review. When she did, she jokingly told me that I’d be in trouble if I didn’t like it! Well, she needn’t have worried. There are very few good Aussie geographies covering topics as diverse as water, wildflowers, agriculture, lakes, rivers and wetlands, climate and seasons as well as the States and Territories, and this is a wonderful resource for the Australian homeschool. I like it very much indeed.

    Read the full review here

  3. Chareen

    There is no planning or preparation needed when using this book. We simply sat down together on the couch opened it up and started reading. This is truly a living book resource whenever we read Iit Sir N asks to read some more. It is aimed at children but I have enjoyed reading it out loud. I am learning alongside Sir N. Each topic is shared with a personal touch so you feel like you are being introduced to it by a friend who is sharing the very best things there are to know about it. It is living, breathing and interesting. Each chapter is knitted together to form one big picture of Australia. Chareen

    Read the full review here.

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