Daily Math Revision Year 8- ALBOE

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Refresh your Year 8 child’s math knowledge daily with this math revision resource.

Each lesson is filled with A Little Bit Of Everything from the Australian Math Curriculum Year 7 outcomes. It will work well with your main math resource.

  • You will find this is an excellent addition to your child’s daily math lesson.
  • You will only need to allocate 5 to 10 minutes a day to complete each lesson.
  • Space is provided for working out answers.
  • As an ebook it can be used for multiple children within the family.
  • Answers are provided in the back of the book and can be separated for easy marking.

PDF ebook: 100 Lessons

Recommended: Year 8

Ages: 12-14

Download ALBOE Year 8 sample pages here

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All About ALBOE ~ Math Revision Year 8

I love maths. I enjoy the beauty of finding the solution to a mathematical problem and marvel at the accuracy and consistency of it. As a Christian, I see mathematics as a revelation of God’s order, consistency and truth in creation.

But I also recognise that this is not the experience of everybody. For some, maths can seem confusing, complicated and just irrelevant. That is the exciting responsibility and challenge faced by educators in Mathematics, and that is one reason why this set of ALBOE books (A Little Bit Of Everything) focusing on mathematics were written and prepared.

In fact, this math revision for Year 8 was done to serve a number of purposes to students, parents and educators.

For students they are intended to give a broad range of practise scenarios and utilise their math skills over a variety of different concept areas. They have been written and compiled with the new Australian Curriculum in mind, focusing on the content strands of Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability for the appropriate stage. The exercises are all based on materials from the associated levels (the Year 8 level is based entirely on the outcomes of the Year 7 course for example).

For parents they are intended to be a resource that will provide a consistent approach to the revision of material, as well as provide some type of framework for gauging the understanding and mathematical ability of their children.

For educators they are intended to be a resource to consolidate student learning, as well enabling teachers to better assess student outcomes from previously learned materials. The level of difficulty increases as the sheets progress, but should never be outside the scope of the student at any particular stage.

It is hoped that these exercises encourage and build the enthusiasm, ability and understanding of concepts and further develop mathematical ability and enjoyment. The solutions found at the back are intended to show the full ‘practical’ working, with some explanations to give further clarification if needed.

A big thankyou goes to all those students and young, budding mathematicians who assisted in checking, answering and giving feedback on the exercises contained within these pages.

Ian Brown

(ALBOE Author)


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