Classic Copywork Complete eBook Set


Classic Copywork Books Set includes eight copywork books: Beatrix Potter Classic Copywork (printing), Mother Goose Classic Copywork (printing), Garden Verse Classic Copywork (cursive) and Aesop’s Fables Classic Copywork (cursive) plus four other Classic Copywork books only available when you buy the set.



Classic Copywork Master Set

Laying the foundations for excellent writing using classic literature

A Complete Handwriting Copywork Program Valued at $80 for only $35

When you buy our Classic Copywork Books set you get all eight copywork classic ebooks in your choice of font.

Beatrix Potter Classic Copywork Printing and Cursive

Four of Beatrix Potters’s stories are used for this copywork book. The large letters are perfect for beginners. A range of printing and cursive fonts available.

Copywork books - Beatrix Potter

Mother Goose Classic Copywork Printing and Cursive

Memorable old nursery rhymes and lovely Victorian illustrations will warm your child’s heart as they complete this copywork book. Some tracing is requires and the letter size is medium. Good for the advanced beginner. A range of printing and cursive fonts available.

Copywork Books - Mother Goose

Garden Verse Classic Copywork Printing and Cursive

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a beautiful collection of poetry that all children should enjoy. This copywork uses smaller letters and is for the confident writer.

Copywork books -Garden Verse

Aesop’s Fables Classic Copywork Printing and Cursive

This collection of fables was put together for the confident writer. The letters are small.

Copywork Books -Aesop's Fables


That’s Eight Copywork eBooks for the Price of Four.

You just need to choose the handwriting font that you prefer.

Covering The Australian Curriculum

English Outcomes:

  • Children produce texts in the desired handwriting font from classic literature and poetry.
  • Basic spelling and punctuation rules are used when reproducing different texts.
  • Vocabulary is increased with exposure to different texts.
  • Produces texts clearly, effectively and accurately, using the sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions of the text type.
  • Uses knowledge of letter-sound correspondences, common letter patterns and a range of strategies to spell familiar and unfamiliar words.

PDF ebook: 8 ebooks downloaded as a .zip file

Recommended Age: Ages 5 to 12

Curriculum Suggestion: Kindergarten (Foundation) to Year 6

Classic Copywork Set

Additional information

Handwriting Font

Manuscript, Italics (Foundation)

Spelling Version

Australian (British), American


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