Aesop’s Fables Copywork

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Copywork from the ancient Greek writer Aesop. These fables are available in a large printing font for beginning writers or a smaller cursive font advanced cursive writers.

Manuscript (Ball & Stick)  and Italics fonts available.

Printing Font PDF ebook: 60 pages

Age Range: Print: Age 7 – 8 Cursive: Age 9 – 12

Cursive PDF ebook: 92 pages

Age Range: 7-12



Aesop’s Fables Copywork

Aesop’s fables copywork is full of wisdom from ancient times before Christ.

Each short fable tells a story that illustrates a particular life lesson. The animal characters are often personified with human characteristics which appeal to children.

Aesop’s Fables appear on many children’s reading lists because of their cultural relevance to western culture. They’re where many expressions, such as “sour grapes” and “slow and steady”, originate.

Even if you have read these to your children before they can still enjoy them again as they use them for their copywork.

This copywork is taken from Aesop’s Fables by George Fyler Townsend

Handwriting Print and Cursive eBooks

Italics Printing  Font: The large font is excellent for children just mastering their letters. View Sample Italics Font.

Manuscript Font (Ball and Stick). This style is characterised by its easy to learn vertical letter forms. The child has only four simple strokes to learn and mastery is quickly accomplished. The printed letters are easily read and are often used in books.

Aesops Fables Copywork

Sample Manuscript Font Large Print

Advanced Cursive Italics Font

This is for the more advanced writer. Over 80 pages of copywork from 30 Aesop’s Fables.

It is intended for children who have already mastered the basics of cursive handwriting.

Sample Pages Cursive – Aesop’s Fables Classic Copywork Download
Aesops Fables Copywork - Cursive

How to Use Our Copywork eBooks

  1. Select the copywork ebook that best suits your child’s ability.
  2. Print of the selected ebook in one go and fasten them together.
  3. Put them with your child’s other homeschool work.
  4. Instruct them to copy one page of the copywork book per day (if this is too difficult then work towards a page a day).

It’s that easy, it requires minimal forward planning and it’s something they can do independently.

Covering The Australian Curriculum

English Outcomes:

  • Children produce texts in the desired handwriting font from classic literature and poetry.
  • Basic spelling and punctuation rules are used when reproducing different texts.
  • Vocabulary is increased with exposure to different texts.
  • Produces texts clearly, effectively and accurately, using the sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions of the text type.
  • Uses knowledge of letter-sound correspondences, common letter patterns and a range of strategies to spell familiar and unfamiliar words.

Additional information

Handwriting Font

Printing Manuscript (Ball & Stick), Printing Italics (Foundation Font), Manuscript Cursive, Italics Cursive (Foundation)


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