Chemistry and Physics Conversations

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The purpose of this resource is to help you introduce the topics of the Australian Curriculum for Science in the Physical and Chemical World from Foundation to Year Two.

Conversational learning and hands-on lessons are the main teaching tools you will use.

Your children are encouraged to ask why!

“He must be accustomed to ask why — Why does the wind blow? Why does the river flow? Why is a leaf-bud sticky? And do not hurry to answer his questions for him; let him think his difficulties out so far as his small experience will carry him.” Charlotte Mason

The first two chapters include 21 short lessons with guided questions about simple concepts related to basic chemistry and physics. Nearly all your lessons are oral with a few hands-on experiments that you will find easy to implement with items found around your home.

The two final chapters are about Archimedes and Sir Isaac Newton. Your child will find these short stories about men of science interesting and you will also meet the Australian Curriculum criteria – science is a human endeavour.

Additional books have been suggested to complement your science lessons. These books are not essential but they will enhance and improve your child’s understanding of these topics.

Australian Curriculum checklists for Chemistry and Physics have been provided at the beginning of the first two chapters. These can be used for your homeschool records to indicate you have covered the appropriate content.

You will cover the first three years of the Australian Curriculum’s chemistry and physics syllabus with this one resource.You can teach this resource over three terms.

If desired, you can teach this resource over three years, however this is not necessary. The Australian Curriculum graded content and outcomes are suggested timelines but the learning is grouped into one early learning framework—Foundation to Year 2 (or Stage One in NSW).

Relax! These chemistry and physics fuss free lessons are easy to do with your kids. Buy today!

Sample Pages from Chemistry and Physics Conversations.


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