Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography – A Contemporary Guide & Map

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Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography – A Contemporary Guide is a 21st century version of her original Elementary Geography.

This popular homeschool geography text has now been made even more relevant to young scholars.

You will still find Charlotte's delightful poetry and narratives but you will also have Jo Lloyd's additional guide notes which give you the information you need to discuss geography in a simple but modern way.

PDF eBook: 108 pages

One World Map Journal: A2 size (posted to you).

Recommended Age: 6-12

Curriculum Suggestion: Year 1 to 6

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Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography – A Contemporary Guide Map

Elementary Geography is a resource to nourish young minds that will help children understand the world around them and extend their knowledge of places further afield. Concepts are introduced conversationally and relationally and in a literary way through poetry and narratives.

We understand much more about geography since Charlotte Mason first penned her text and we thought you would find it useful to make Elementary Geography more current so we added companion notes.

Each lesson (except for the poetry) begins with current information about each geography topic that is discussed in the narrative.

Questions and mapping exercises are also included with answers.

Further research ideas are suggested along with interesting web links.

This is perfect group read aloud for your primary aged children.

Each lesson takes approximately 10 minutes and we suggest completing this resource over 1 or 2 years.

A large world map is also included so that your child can practise their geography skills (additional maps can be purchased if required).

World Map

The content far exceeds the geography curriculum requirements for this age group so your child will be well prepared for high school geography.

About The Guide Author – Jo Lloyd

Jo Lloyd, an Australian professional geographer, environmental lawyer, university lecturer , author and homeschool mum agreed to write this companion guide. As a great respecter of Charlotte Mason’s work Jo has left Charlotte’s original text intact but offered additional information that will educate the homeschooling parent on current geography knowledge so that they can feel confident to discussing new discoveries with their children.

Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography – A Contemporary Guide Scope and Sequence

This resource is recommended for use around Year 3 but it can be used at any time during the primary years. It is also an excellent resource to use when teaching your children during group read-alouds or circle time. Ambleside Online recommends its use from Year 1 to Year 4.

Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography – A Contemporary Guide addresses the following major topics:

  • The earth is round
  • Our solar system has eight planets which orbit the sun
  • Sunshine creates the seasons
  • The cycle of day and night in different parts of earth
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • The North and South Poles
  • Climatic differences across earth
  • Meridians, latitude and longitude
  • The international date line and Greenwich Mean Time
  • Earth’s oceans
  • The seven continents of the world
  • Dividing earth into northern, southern, western and eastern hemispheres
  • Common physical geography features include hills, mountains, plains and rivers
  • The moon creates the tides
  • The ocean floor is a varied, changing landscape.

Geography Questions

Throughout this resource Charlotte Mason provided questions for your to ask your student about the content covered. We have also added answers to these questions (just in-case you needed a little help).

Geography Skills and Additional Material

In addition to this Companion Guide, you will require:
– An atlas
– A compass (introduced in Lesson 27)
– A World Map Journal – one World Map Journal is provided in the purchase. Alternatively, you can use the black line map master provided at the end of this ebook.The map will be posted to you. Additional world maps can be purchased.

Black and White Map A2 size. 60 x 42cm

World Map

Using this contemporary guide, students prepare a World Map Journal which includes marking the division of earth into geographical divisions, including climatic classifications and hemispheres.

A discussion on the variety and scale of maps is included within the text. The art of cartography is addressed, along with mapping exercises to help students become more familiar with a range of maps.

Students will also gain the following map skills:

  • Basic map reading (including scale and legend)
  • Use of a compass rose
  • Basic map labeling
  • Familiarity in reading and understanding mapping information
  • Preparation of a room map

Download Sample Pages.


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