Australian Nature Stories For Kids ebook

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This collection of nature stories will draw your children into the world of nature. These stories bring our unique Australian bushland to life with charming personified nature stories. Enjoy!

PDF ebook: 58 pages

Recommended Age: 5-12

Curriculum Suggestion: Kindergarten to Year 3


‘Books dealing with Science…should be of a literary character, and we would probably be more scientific as a people if we scrapped all the text books. Where science does not teach a child to wonder and admire, it is perhaps of no educational value. ’ Charlotte Mason

Using Australian nature stories for kids is a delightful way to bring science and the first lessons of geography into your homeschool lessons. These stories will teach about Australian habitats and ecosystems, the life-cycle of insects and birds, changes to plants over the seasons, the devastation of bushfires, the importance of nature conservation, and the splashes of waves on a beach. All these things a child needs to learn (and more) in their early years without needing a dry textbook.

The Australian Aboriginal people know about the value of nature stories. They have many dreamtime stories that focus on life lessons or creation. The Australian Aboriginals have respect for the land.

In the early 1900’s there was a move to educate Australian children about the Australian environment (instead of England).  A few authors rose to the occasion and wrote nature stories that were inspiring, educating and very Australian.

We wanted to share some of these stories with you. So we have taken the time to make a small collection of the best that we have found.

One of my favourite stories in this genre is The Gallant Gums by Amy Mack. This story tells about what happens when a raging bush fire tears through a gully. It also weaves in the Christian story of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection.

It includes:

  • The Flower Fairies  by Amy Mack
  • The Wave by Amy Mack
  • The Gallant Gums by Amy Mack
  • The Leaf That Longed to Be Red by Amy Mack
  • Spotty the Bower Bird by ES Sorenson,
  • The Stick by Gladys Foggart.

All these stories are evolution free!

Covering the Australian Curriculum

Nature study and learning about the world around them is the emphasis of teaching science and geography from Foundation Year (Kindergarten) to Year Three. One way to teach this scientific knowledge is through stories. These uniquely Australian stories are observations of nature that will teach your children the facts clothed in the literary robes of a story.


  • shows interest and enthusiasm for science and responds with curiosity
  • identifies the basic needs of living things
  • describes ways that different places in the environment provide for the needs of living things
  • describes external features, changes in and growth of living things.




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