Australian Animal Mini-Books

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Teach your children about twelve of Australia’s unique animals using this simple, pick-up-and-go zoology resource.

It includes:

  • short animal poems for your child to enjoy and memorize,
  • narrative descriptions for you read aloud to your child,
  • minibook pages with easy instructions for you to follow,
  • activities kids will enjoy like cutting, pasting and tracing.

All you need to add is glue, coloured markers and scissors.

PDF ebook: 31 pages

Recommended Ages: 4 to 6 year olds

Curriculum Suggestion: Preschool to Kindergarten

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When Your Little Ones Want Real School Work

Here is an easy way to introduce science to your four to six-year olds. You can begin these fun, pick-up and go lessons immediately.

Teach your children about twelve of Australia’s unique animals using this simple zoology resource.

Each lesson encourages children to learn about:

  • classification – the names and some basic classification taxonomy
  • identifying different species’ habitats
  • the life-cycle of different animals
  • the biogeography of animals – where they live

What’s in the Australian Animal Mini Books

Each Australian animal is a separate mini book for your child to make.

It includes:australian animal coin

  • a short narrative about the animal, its life cycle and some interesting facts. This can be read aloud or read by the parent and summarised for the child.
  • a short poem about the animal,
  • a mini book template page for each animal
  • the animal’s name to trace and copy,
  • an Australian postage stamp of that animal,
  • Animal tracks image,
  • an Australian coin with that animal,
  • an Australian map to colour-in where it is found (details found with parent page).

This is a stand alone resource or you can add to it from our suggested book list.

Download and View Sample Pages

Something To Do and Something To Show


To complete the Australian Animal Mini Books you will need to print off the pages of this ebook and collect some glue, scissors and markers for the copywork portion of the mini book.

Depending on the child one mini book takes about 10 – 20 minutes to complete. I suggest doing only one animal in a lesson.

At the end of using this resource your child will have completed 12 separate mini books and they will enjoy showing their work to others.

Get your little ones started with these mini books. Instant download with purchase.


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