Australia Flag For Kids – Lapbook Set

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A resource to help children learn about the flags and emblems of Australia. It will also teach about the principles of democracy.

Australia flag for kids includes:

  • Australia Flags and Emblems Book
  • Australia Flag Lapbook ebook

Recommended Age: 5 -10

Curriculum Recommendation: Year 3 – Year 4

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Australia Flag For Kids, Democracy & Symbols of Australia

Teaching the symbols of Australia, democracy and the Australia flag for kids is easy when using this resource.

This crafty resource is suitable for Year 3-4.

1. Flags & Emblems of Australia Book

I loved this book the minute I saw it. It has just the right information needed for a primary school aged child. It will teach them about the Australia Flag and the Australian Commonwealth’s historic coats of arms and our beautiful animal, bird and flower emblems. The detailed illustration will intrigue your child as they examine what the symbols mean and why they were chosen.

Table of Content

Flags and Emblems of Australia _table of content

Table of Content

Soft Cover Book. 32 pages.

Australia's Flags and Emblems Book

2. Australia Flag Lapbook

A crafty resource for teaching about Australia’s flags in a hands on way.

Your child will learn about:

  •     The Christian symbolism of the Union Jack
  •     What the stars on the flag represent
  •     How should the flag be displayed
  •     State and territory flags
  •     An Australian Flag Poem.


Australia Flag lapbook
Australia Flag LapbookAustralia Flag lapbook

 Covering The Australian Curriculum

This resource can be used as part of your history and geography studies in Year 3 & 4. It can also form a part of your Civics & Citizenship studies for year 3 & 4 when used with the Australian Flags and Emblems Book.

“In Years 3 and 4 children develop an understanding of democratic practices, government, roles and responsibilities, laws, rules and identity. ” Draft Year 3-10 Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship – May 2013


  • identifies and describes symbols of significance to Australians
  • understands how Australia can be represented in terms of states and territories
  • identifies the key values of democracy
  • identifies the importance of Australian Aboriginals & Torres Strait islander’s flag.

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