A Bush Calendar by Amy Mack

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A Bush Calendar by Amy Mack is a delightful nature diary of one woman’s observations in the Australian bush over 100 years ago.

After reading a chapter you will be inspired to get outdoors and observe nature. Each month she highlights something new for you to look out for.

Her love of flowers, birds and the Australian bush is infectious. Amy’s words will remind you how valuable bush conservation is today.

Read her monthly entries aloud and share this passionate naturalist’s stories with your family.

PDF Downloadable ebook : 47 pages

Recommended Age: 7 – Adult

A Charlotte Mason Living Book Favourite.

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A Bush Calendar by Amy Mack

When I first read Amy Mack’s A Bush Calendar I was inspired to put on my boots and head outside on my own private nature expedition. I think you might feel the same as read through the pages of this Australian nature journal.

This book was first published in 1909. It is an exquisite literary account of the Australian bush of 100 years ago.

Each month Amy sets out on a bush walk around Sydney, NSW, seeing what she can discover. Her particular interest is the birds and flowers that she finds. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Amy Mack’s ebook will compel you to get out and start nature walking. This ebook is not just for homeschoolers or students but for any one who loves nature (or wants to).

This ebook is perfect for Australian nature study.

May. There are some days that make you laugh; days when little white clouds chase each other across a smiling sky, when little breezes play round the tree-tops and tickle the leaves into laughter; when wavelets skip and dance in the harbour, and birds gush and gurgle in the bush; when the whole world laughs with joy and you must laugh with it.’   A Bush Calendar

Themes include:

  • bush conservation,
  • environmental planning,
  • geography case study,
  • ecosystems and habitats.


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