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Three Easy Reading Writing Lessons & Two Ways To Make It Better

I still do read alouds with my children even though they are in high school. But sometimes I wonder if it goes in one ear and out the other. So to consolidate the information in their mind we will often discuss the reading or create a writing opportunity.

Three ways I turn my reading lesson into a writing lesson.

1. Dictation

Choose a passage from the reading and use it for dictation. This can also become a spelling, grammar and vocabulary lesson.

2. Written Narrations

After reading the passage, have your children go and write down their narration from memory. Charlotte Mason usually didn’t start expecting written narrations until a child was 10.

3. Note Taking

Have your children write rough notes while you are reading and then have them write up a short summary using their notes. This is a difficult skill and should be left for older children around 12. Teaching them about using keywords will also help. Mine find this hard to do and I do get complaints but it does get easier with practise.

Two ways to make it better

Add Structure

Give your child a clue of how much they are going to be expected to write before you begin the reading. For example say, “I would like you to write a minimum of five sentences”. I find this encourages the child who is reluctant to write but it also helps the child who finds it hard to summarize.

Add Style

Require some elements of style be added to each sentence.

For example:

  • put an adjective in one sentence,
  • add a strong verb in another,
  • start a sentence with a preposition,
  • make a short sentence.


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  1. Kimberly  February 5, 2018

    Just wondering if you are still using this type of schooling and if you have a link to what you use for each subject?

    • Michelle  February 21, 2018

      Hi Kimberly we still use this method.

  2. Melisss  September 8, 2015

    I love this. Thank You!


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