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Geography DVDs- Pleasant Talk of Places

“Geography is, to my mind, a subject of high educational value; the peculiar value of geography lies in its fitness to nourish the mind with ideas, and to furnish the imagination with pictures.” Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason wanted children to enjoy seeing places through the eye of the traveller and not just memorizing facts. She thought it needed to be the sort of information that an adult would enjoy.

“The child’s geography lesson should furnish just the sort of information which grown-up people care to possess… interesting, graphic, with a spice of personal adventure.” Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason wanted children to know the geography of the world. She suggested children read travel brochures as a way to get a feel for the country or to imagine the world  from their local experiences – a hill nearby could be like the Alps, or a brook a great river. Today we have something extra; we have DVDs!

I have found that DVDs are a simple way to find out about different countries, their foods and their customs. It’s also a good quality teaching resource that can give the kids a break from their homeschool teacher. But just like a good book not all DVDs are the same. I like DVDs where the presenter is also a story teller. They tell you history snippets, give you vivid descriptions and meet the people.

A library card will save you loads of money. When you go looking here are some titles that I recommend.

story telling geography dvds

Story Telling Geography DVD List

  • Lonely Planet Series – the Lonely Planet is a successful travellers guidebook. And these DVDs are perfect for experiencing places like you would as a traveller. We’ve always found them worth viewing.
  • Pilot Guide Series – You can watch the trailers for these online and pick your favourite hosts or country. Our family favourite was Ian Wright , he is cheeky but fun to listen to – Greenland and Iceland one is my favourites. I do suggest you watch these with your young children as sometimes as they do explore places that can be a little confronting for little eyes.
  • Simon Reeve – winner of the British Travel Press Award 2013. We really find Simon’s story telling style interesting and informative. He not only looks at the landscape but highlights social issues in the regions he is travelling. Travel titles include:
    • Tropic of Cancer
    • Tropic of Capricorn
    • Indian Ocean
    • Cuba
    • Equator
    • Australia
    • Places that Don’t Exist
    • Meet the Stans – Central Asian countries

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