making gree online resources work

Making online homeschooling resources work was always a struggle for me. So much great content but I had no filing system to make it work.

I’d get told of a good website to go to for this or that, and sometimes I’d check it out, but mostly I thought, “that sounds good but I don’t need it now or I’m not sure how to actually incorporate that into our homeschool day”.

I tried to bookmark them but I’d promptly forget about them.

A few years back a friend showed me how she made her kids their own website so they could go to play games or look up things that interested them. She used the free website maker Weebly for making her site (she assures me it’s easy to do).

Now that sounds amazing but in reality most of us would feel too technically challenged to do that. However I was inspired to dabble with the idea and I came up with my own simple version that may help you.

Just Make A Links PDF of Your Online Homeschooling Curriculum .

Here is what I did.

  • I decided that my kids needed some art lesson on book illustration so I googled  “book illustrator lessons”.
  • I found links to a few YouTube videos and I copied the link into a Word document
  • then after I was finished with the links I saved it as a PDF document.
  • After you’ve done the PDF you can save it on to the desktop of your computer for easy access to the page.

It took me less than 10 minutes to do. Now some of the links weren’t that good and when we started to watch them we found we could just stop watching and move to the next video.

Using Spread Sheets For Your Online Homeschooling Resources Also Works

If you are looking to match your curriculum to the Australian Curriculum and keep a record of your online resources then I have also found spreadsheets are also quite easy to maintain. You can do this in Google sheets or Excel.

Make Your Own Online Homeschooling Playlist

Did you know that you can make a playlist with your youtube account. Some homeschool mums use this very effectively.

Here is a list I made of Grammar Songs.

Here is one for Australian Picture Books.

Here is one I made for writing lessons.

Here are some instructions on how to make online homeschooling playlist for yourself.

Using An Online School

There are also a few options for using online schools.
A popular one is Khan Academy. This has lots of lessons to watch.

My Homeschool has also provided an online homeschooling for homeschoolers.  All the links and resources are there for you.