Desert Nature Study Uluru – August


This month we were fortunate to be taken by some friends to Uluru for a flying visit. It was my first time to central Australia and whilst I’d learnt much about Australia’s topography, climate and landmarks, when researching Discover Downunder, seeing the Red Centre was wonderful. This was truly a time when you were awe struck by nature.

What surprised me was how much flora was to be seen in the desert. I didn’t see a lot of wildlife except some termites, finches, a willy wagtail and a butterfly,

Wildflower Nature Study Uluru

Here are my wildflower snap shots (my husband took all the good ones). I tried to identify the flowers but I couldn’t find a guide however I thought I would show you the pictures anyway.


Ulur flower august




Bush Daisy


Bush Plum


Red River Gum


Nature Study Uluru – Rocks

Another interesting feature about the trip was the types of rocks that we saw.

Uluru is a monolith – one big rock.


The Olgas are conglomerate – a group of rocks.


Australia is such a huge country and so diverse. Seeing the Red Centre for the first time was a real highlight. When I came home I got out my copy of Discover Downunder to review my geography facts.

Discover Downunder Set




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