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nature calendar october

Our Nature Calendar October

Nature Copywork is also another way to introduce literary examples of nature writing. This quote from Naturecraft in Australia by Thistle Harris can be found in Downunder Copywork Book 3.

“There is no need to wait until you are in the bush to study the stars. From a suburban backyard you can become familiar with the great constellations and their movements and learn to recognise the planets. Then when you glimpse through tall trees, fragments of a group far brighter, because there is no city glare to dim its radiance, you will find recognition increasingly easy. A big difference in latitude will sink some old friends below the horizon and introduce new acquaintances.

In early dusk or bright moonlight the brilliance of all will be diminished so that only stars of the greatest magnitude are visible. That is when the familiarity with a clear sky at the dark of the moon will be of help in finding your constellations. No matter how weary you are, you will always find a few minutes to say goodnight to your friends. “

Our Backyard Astronomy October 8

My Miss 12 is studying Exploring Creation with Astronomy; one of our families favourite Apologia resources.

We were therefore very excited to be able to see the lunar eclipse last night.

Here are our blood moon shots.

Nature Calendar October - Blood Moon

Nature Calendar October -Blood Moon

This one was taken with them slowly moving the camera.

Lunar eclipse.

Fun With Photography – Blood Moon

Natural learning! I love it.

Our October Nature Calendar Journal Entry 2014

We are continuing to add one entry per month to our Nature Calendar Log Book.


Making a nature calendar can start at any time of the year. In fact Amy Mack began her book A Bush Calendar in August. To begin is the main thing; to continue is the second.

A Bush Calendar

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