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 My Year 10 Resources and Book List

I originally posted my Year 10 homeschooling resources back in 2016. After I completed the year I added my comments in green.

I have designed this curriculum to suit my 14 and 16 year olds. In NSW that is Stage 5 – Year 9 and 10. Both children will follow a similar schedule. All their work will go into their high school workbox trolleys.

This workload will keep them busy for about 5 hours a day, five days a week.

Approximately 70% of their work will be done on their own, the rest we do together.

Year 10 Homeschooling – English

I wasn’t going to use an English textbook but three of the four novels I planned on studying were in this resource. I haven’t used this grade of LLATL before but I have used other grades and I will cut out  the sections I don’t want to do.

We used this to study Frankenstein and Time Machine. It was good for the question prompts but I probably could have thought of them myself. I did find the essay suggestions good. I didn’t get around to the poetry but I will do it next year.

This is the poetry supplement that goes with LLATL.

  • 4 Essays based on modern history subjects and classic literature. Oops – we only did 2 essays. However we continued on with the historical narrations.
  • We will follow the The Student Writing Intensive Level C (4 DVDs)  framework that we studied last year. (Deferred to next year)
  • Narration and notebooking exercises
  • Winston Grammar – Word Works I really liked this resource we will do the next in the series in 2017
  • Grammar of Poetry, Video Course DVD . This is a good poetry analysis video course that we started last year. Good course. I learnt a lot about tropes.
  • Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet . We changed our mind and did Much Ado About Nothing plus we went to see Taming of the Shrew.
    We will read this with a group of homeschoolers. It is performed by Bell Shakespeare this year. I will also use a Christian study guide I have from BJU Elements of Literature.

Read Alouds

I will read one classic novel per term with the kids. I usually select them because they fit in with the historical periods we are studying. I find this works best for our discussions and the bonus is that I get to enjoy them as well.

  • Tale of Two Cities – I started this but I was falling asleep reading it so after 90 pages we gave up. I had a movie version so we watched that instead.
  • Frankenstein – Fantastic I highly recommend it. We also watched the 1936 movie version and wrote a comparison essay.
  • Switherby Pilgrims – A bit boring for that age group. Good for primary aged kids.
  • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – allocated as a personal reader
  • Time Machine – Another great read. Probably the kids favourite this year. Watched the 1984 movie version.
  • For the Term of His Natural Life – Australian Classic used it instead of Tale of Two Cities. Very good.

Year 10 Homeschooling – Math

Math Online. I have been using this for many years now. He has got to Year 10 level and has stopped.

We will also add some practical maths in our economic studies.


Year 10 Homeschooling – Science & Technology

Microscope work – Did a small amount of work with it not as much as I had hoped.

We are finishing off an Apologia textbook and then we will move to the John Hudson Tiner Books. This is a light science version that suits this child. However if your child loves science I would suggest using the full Apologia series. This will be our last year of science for this child so we will do a general review with these books. I book per term.

We decided to do a review of Chemistry and Physics with the Apologia Exploring Creation (It was the only one we hadn’t done) instead of the above books.

Also added Switch on Your Brain by Caroline Leaf as a reader

Year 10 Homeschooling – History

Living Books List

General Spines and Reading References
We will do this subject all together. We do some historical narrations and we also add to our book of centuries. (RA- Read Aloud) (OOP -Out of Print)

  • English Literature For Young People by HE Marshal (RA) – Reading the last half that covers literature from the 17th to 19th century. Completed
  • From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya (RA) What a great resource we love it. Have stopped at 20th century and will continue next year.
  • 100 Most Important Events in Christian History I will use this book for many of their written narrations. Read some but not all
  • The Story of Christianity by Michael Collins (OOP)- I will also use this for written narrations. –Didn’t use
  • World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Teacher’s Guide. I only get the teacher’s edition because everything is there. I use this as a guide and do not follow many of the activities suggested. It will take me two years to complete this book. Got up to unit 6 will complete 2017.
  • I made some narration books from various sources of the people I wanted studies. I used books from Main Lesson – Baldwin Project and put together some biographies.
  • Seven Men Who Changed The World – Very thought provoking book. We have had lots of interesting philosophical discussions. I highly recommend it.
  • Our Empire Story by HE Marshall (RA) – Added this to read about the history of New Zealand and India. Our interest was sparked by the missionary stories we read about in From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya
  • Read some extra Australian history that covered the Victorian Age.

These books they will read on their own. Many of the titles I already had in my bookcase so some are out of print. They may not be the best selection I could have put together but they address the period of history we are covering. My daughter has a different list that includes lots of princesses and female missionaries.

Read Alone Books
Term 1 – Revolutions French and Industrial

  • William Carey Heroes of the Faith – Yes
  • Napoleon Famous Lives -No
  • Nelson Famous Lives-No
  • Robinson Crusoe- Yes took a few terms

Term 2 – Great Awakening in Europe

  • Broken Bade by William Dubea -No
  • The Bandit of Ashley Downs- Yes

Term 3 – Slaves and Colonization

  • Samuel Morris –African Prince by Kjersh Hoff Baez – Yes
  • Kidnapped by the River Rats by Dave and Neta Jackson – No

Term 4 – New Ideologies & Missionaries

  • Animal Farm by George Orwell – No – We read it a few years back and they remembered it.
  • CT Studd Cricketer and Pioneer – Yes

Year 10 Homeschooling – Geography

World Physical Geography: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Geography Set – He does it but doesn’t love it.

Year 10 Homeschooling – Language

Getting Started With Latin.  I’m excited by this resource. We spent time last year doing Latin Copywork. This year will dig a bit deeper with this course written specifically for homeschoolers. It was a good course and we got half way through the book but after an extended break we dropped it.

Year 10 Homeschooling – Creative Arts

  • Homeschool art classes – Two terms
  • Graphic art lessons with adobe – started a BA in Digital Arts 3rd term- 1 subject animation (Open University)
  • Drum lessons and band
  • Monet and the Impressionists for Kids – Carol Sabbeth . This book is enjoyed.
  • Launch Pad – Taught himself electronic music composition .

Year 10 Homeschooling – Personal Health and Development

NOTE: Affiliate links have been used in this post. I do receive a small commission if you buy from these links. They are here for your convenience so you can see the exact books I am referring to and so you can find out where to buy them. I have generally linked to the cheapest product.

This is my interpretation of following the Australian Curriculum using an eclectic Charlotte Mason inspired approach. To read more about Charlotte Mason High School Homeschool read this.

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