My Homeschool Seminar 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our first My Homeschool Seminar at Golden Grove, Sydney on Saturday June 1st!

Let’s Talk Planning

I have been to a number of get-togethers where the majority of homeschooling mums became the most animated when the topic of planning was raised.  Whether you love it (and your monthly menu plan is laminated and stuck on the fridge) or whether you groan that you never seem to be ready for anything, planning is a topic common to homeschool mums.

Many a conversation involving homeschool mums seems to twist and turn around what works well and how we could tweak our planning to help ourselves and our families. Of course, we homeschooling mums need to be organised. A lot of preparation and intentionality goes into making things run smoothly.

I remember a good friend of mine years ago commenting how she and her husband “planned for spontaneity”. At first it made me smile because it seemed a little self-contradictory but on reflection I realised that yes, they did exactly that. I had seen them do it.  She would plan out her days, weeks and months in her diary and on her calendar.  This meant that she had the big things sorted and planned. Then, within that, she ensured that they had enough “white space” to do some things on a whim every now and then. I appreciated learning that tip from her and it has been something I’ve happily brought into my own diary with successful results. 

There is a time for things to planned in minute detail and a time to plan for spontaneity.

My Homeschool Seminar

A number of mums are making plans to join us for the first My Homeschool seminar on June 1st  and we are so pleased! It isn’t always easy to make arrangements to attend something like this and sometimes it can seem hard to make the logistics work.  So I could attend an event to support me on our homeschooling journey, a few times our whole family travelled to where the gathering was being held. It just worked better for us at that time when the children were younger.  While I headed out to meet with other mums, my husband enjoyed time with the children.  When we met up again at the end of the day my husband and children were full of happy stories of how they had spent their hours, while my mind and notebook were brimming with ideas.

I will confess that there were a couple of times when I was making the arrangements, booking the accommodation and doing all the things to make it happen, that it all seemed a little self-indulgent. I am happy to say that none of us ever regretted it. The change of scene, the opportunity for me to learn, be challenged and to connect with other homeschooling mums were precious snatches of time, despite the logistics sometimes involved in making it happen.

Getting away, even just for a day, can seem like a beautiful gift; the perfect gift that you didn’t even know you wanted or needed.  It is an opportunity to be encouraged and inspired, to chat with other mums who understand the complexities, struggles and successes of homeschooling, and a chance to reflect on what is working (and what is not working) in your own homeschool.  Sometimes we don’t realise just how much we need the time to gain a new perspective until we make and take the time.

Mentoring and Support

In my professional career before coming to motherhood I was given a special opportunity to be a part of a leadership and mentoring program. It was a fabulous program. It connected me with a group of leaders, leaders which my path may not have crossed paths with otherwise.  They generously shared tips and tricks, advice and support, showing me how I could learn from their mistakes and gave me time to chat through various strategies and options for the different challenges I was facing in my own work.  I learned so much. What a privilege it was to be chosen to take part in the program.

When it came to motherhood and homeschooling I have also been blessed to connect with some wonderfully wise women who have offered their support and mentoring.  On our first homeschool day I had telephone calls from a couple of sweet homeschooling mothers within our local area who were much further on in their journey.  They offered wise words of advice and support that were such a blessing to me and my family. 

I also became friends with a few mums who were just finishing up their homeschooling journey as their older children were transitioning to tertiary studies.  They were generous ladies, patiently answering any questions I had, offering suggestions for books and helpful resources, as well as offering guidance on what strategies and plans had helped them and their families over the years.

I think of these gracious ladies when I have the opportunity to meet a woman just starting her journey and try to emulate their generosity in helping and supporting them as best as I can. However, not all of us have the opportunity to have women further along in the journey in our local area so we need to get creative on how we can create those connections for support and mentoring.  While we can connect and chat with others online, there is something special about meeting face to face. It was with this in mind that the lovely Michelle has crafted out an opportunity for us to get together and share and be encouraged.

You’re Invited

For those mums who haven’t yet purchased your ticket for the first My Homeschool seminar on June 1st I want to extend a warm invitation and a hope that you will make your arrangements to join us.

Michelle, Carol, Nicole and myself are so looking forward to spending the day with you.  We have carefully considered what to share with you and how we can help to encourage and equip you so that your homeschool can thrive.


areI smile when I see the phrase “Refreshments will be served”.  To me it seems to whisper back to another era and so much more elegant than “Tea and coffee will be provided”.  I love the idea of being refreshed.  It has an expectant and positive air about it.  You anticipate that you will be refreshed and who doesn’t want to feel refreshed?! For those of you who are joining us I encourage you to write “Refreshments will be served” in your diary for June 1st as we are looking forward to seeing you there and offering refreshment to you.

This invitation was written by Jo Lloyd one of the speakers at the My Homeschool Seminar 2019.

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  1. Kylie  May 22, 2019

    Oh this sounds super exciting! Just too far for me. Maybe you can travel with it at a later date? 😉


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