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I keep records of the children’s achievements by:

  • Dating when we finish a particular book
  • Keep a list of books read
  • Keep checklists as a reference for writing up the end of term diary.
  • I keep a homeschool planner where I record composers studied, read-alouds and a calendar of events.

I do not ever record specific school hours. Instead I work from a basic timetable. We run on a four term schedule. Term times run closely along with the NSW schools, as this works well for other scheduled holiday activities. At times we do vary when certain situations arise.

Here is a sample of my 2011 basic timetable.

Morning 0900-1300 Afternoon

Ø  Monday Academics and Book work Academic and Book Work

Ø  Tuesday Academics and Book work Sport

Ø  Wednesday Academics and Book work Music

Ø  Thursday Academics and Book work Dance

Ø  Friday Homeschool group activity Field Trips

Term Planner

I have found that the best way for me to do this is to write out what I call a term summary at the beginning of each term with subjects and goals. It shows what we are hoping to achieve for eachchild that term. Although this is quite specific there is still ‘room to move’. I type this up as a table on Microsoft Word and save it so that I can review my work at the end of term and use this document as the basis for my end of term report.

Here is a sample of this Term 1 Planner  2011

Weekly Goal Setting

The term summary is the reference for planning our goals for the week. I do not set a specifictimetable rather we work on achieving our goals for the week. We have a basic routine that the kids become familiar with and they are expected to accomplish their set work.

I have found that Sue Patrick’s Workbox system has helped me greatly with this phase. I also use checklists .

Homeschool Term Diary and Assessment of Progress (A homeschool report)

This is completed at the end of each term. The electronic version of the term planner that was commenced at the beginning of the term is resurrected and filled in with what has actually been achieved.

Page numbers, chapters, specific book narrations, field trips and unit studies are added. A short assessment is added plus progress notes on specific key learning areas that may need attention or of interest.

Here is a sample of Term 1 Summary

Is This Really Enough?

I have been registered to homeschool for 10 years and I’ve been using this method for about 5 years. Each time I register with the Board of Studies (NSW) they are always happy with this approach.


In my years of homeschooling I have seen many friends homeschool records and some of them look stupendous. They have scrapbooking pages, video recordings of narrations, pages of detailed moments in their homeschool day. They also tell me that the Board of Studies loved their record keeping. I’m sure they did.

Whilst I commend their efforts and see that they have a great keepsake for their children I do wonder if they are making a rod-for-their back. Can they maintain this type of record keeping? Are they overdoing it?

Keep It Simple

When setting up a record keeping system for yourself, do yourself a favour, and keep it simple and easy to maintain.

Make sure you have the following elements in your program:

Ø  Record of progress of work

Ø  List of Achievements

Ø  Assessment of Progress

Ø  Assessment of future needs of child.

Find out more about my portfolios here.

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  1. Catherine (alecat)  July 28, 2011

    Thank you for sharing this, Michelle.
    I like how you’ve done the term summaries. I’ve tended to keep a collection of notes along our homeschooling journey, but I’d like to make it a little more organised.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve mentioned you on my blog post about planning. I like to share inspiration. 🙂

    • Michelle Downunder  July 28, 2011

      Thanks Catherine.

      I am very happy that you have mentioned me on your blog.



  2. Rosemary  July 24, 2011

    Thanks heaps for this Michelle! I often come over here to check out your documentation / registration archives:) I love your simplicity of your system. I struggle with keeping things simple which is why I read your posts on this subject lol!
    Thank you for all you do! Your resources have blessed me immensely!

    • Michelle Downunder  July 24, 2011

      Thanks Rosemary. I used to try to document more but by the end of term it had fallen in a heap. This method is so doable. In the end we glean from others and find what works for us.
      Smiles Michelle

  3. Renelle  July 23, 2011

    Hi Michelle,
    We just put in our registration over 1 month ago and our term records and progress report are done the same way. We add them to a simple portfolio for the year. SIMPLICITY all the way, makes a much more happy mummy and kids.I’ve been going over two years now and I am learning all the time, but the longer we live this lifestyle the more I love it. Laugh heartily, love deliberately, live with integrity all at least once a day! Looking forward to the mothers encouragement night. Warmest wishes, Renelle

    • Michelle Downunder  July 24, 2011

      Renelle your method sounds quite similar to mine. I am looking forward to Wednesday also.
      Smiles Michelle

  4. Angie Tester  July 23, 2011

    Hi Michelle

    I only hope to have my homeschooling system so clearly stated as you do…something else to tackle. Good on you, you will be passing on more than academics to your children. Thanks for this, another helpful entry.


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