Mums Encouraging Mums Blog Hop

mums encouraging mums blog hop

Welcome to the Australian Mums Encouraging Mums blog hop

We would like to gather together like hearted mums – mums who have a heart for their families and who blog – so that we can share with each other and be a support.  Belinda, from Live Life With Your Kids and I have been blogging here in Australia for a long time.  So we decided to start this blog hop.  A blog hop simply a weekly gathering where we share what’s happening on our blogs – we read each other’s posts, leave comments and generally get to know each other.  If you don’t blog, but you are here reading, we’d love to get to know you to and we can do that as you leave comments and say hello.

Find the latest blog hop below.

View previous blog hops here.

This blog hop is open to all mums, even though many will be homeschooling.  Homeschooling is just one tool some mums use in their family.  I hope we can blog together – as mums – regardless of our education choices.

We want this to be easy and fun so we are keeping rules to a minimum:

  • If you are an Australian mum, and you blog please join in.
  • You can link up to 2 blog posts from your own blog  (link blog posts, not your blog home page).
  • Please keep them family friendly.
  • Blog linkup will be open from Monday 8.00am – Thursday 8.00pm (WST) – but you can visit any time

The idea of a blog hop is that we make friends online:

  • You could visit a few blogs and leave comments – this is the best way to encourage others.
  • You could follow your host Belinda
  • You could follow the blog hop Pinterest Board
  • When you share this image you are helping to spread the invite to join in..
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  1. Angie  May 17, 2016

    Hello, I have 2 children my daughter 7 is excelling in school but my son 9 is suffering. I am considering homeschooling my son but am not sure. I am a single mum and am hoping for some advice so I can make the right decision. Thankyou

    • Michelle  May 17, 2016

      I hope you can find some answers here. Good luck.


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