Mum Heart Conference Newcastle – 2015

mum heart conference newcastle-2015

Mum Heart Conference Newcastle, NSW Australia

The Mum Heart Conference Newcastle 2015

I am very excited to advertise the Mum Heart Conference will be in Newcastle, NSW for 2015. This conference is specifically designed to give homeschooling mothers the special encouragement that they need.
I am on the team for the Mum Heart Conference and we have been meeting together to make this an exciting and refreshing conference.

Rhonda Davis is the keynote speaker and she spoke at the Queensland conference in 2014. She was inspiring. Other speakers include Barb Sommervaille and Annette McCredy.  I’ll also be speaking and running some workshops.

Mum heart

Trade Display

There will also be a few vendors displaying their curriculum – including me.

I’d love to meet you.

Please come!

Find out more about the Mum Heart Conference Newcastle today.

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