When I look for a math curriculum I’m looking for a few things:

  1. Is it easy for my child to use? Is it well laid-out?
  2. Will my child feel like they are successful in math?
  3. Does the resource explain things well?
  4. How much help will I need to give them?
  5. Is it sequential? Can my child easily follow what is coming next?
  6. Does it fit well with the Australian curriculum? Does it use metric?
  7. Can I see progress with my child?
  8. Can I set the lesson times?
  9. Does it have drill?
  10. Is there revision?

This year I’ve been combining Math Online with my bookwork math curriculum and I can tell you Math Online meets all my requirements in the above list.

math online review

Often I find when I tutor my children in math I can help a little too much. I’m often aware that I raced them through the steps and they didn’t get it. With Math Online this isn’t a problem because I can set activities and I can walk away, knowing that the explanations are given clearly.

Another thing I love about Math Online is that the built in incentives to do well are not a distraction to the lesson. Some online math programs have so many rewards for the child that they spend most of their time playing with the rewards and not actually learning much. With another online program I noticed my kids were sitting at an easy level just earning points and not even trying to improve.

Assessing progress is also done easily, even if you don’t join. When you use the trial version you can do little topic tests and see where your child is up to. When doing this I realised I hadn’t taught 24 hour time or Roman numerals. You can also quickly work through lessons seeing if your child understands a concept or if they need more work. This is great for remedial work or if you want to fast track your child.

Could Math Online be used as a complete math program? Well many people use it that way and some choose to supplement. We added revision in high school using Alboe.

Year 7 math revision
Math revision year 8 alboe

Just the other day my high school son was studying for a math test and he wanted to know about polynomials and surds (I had no idea) , so we looked it up in the math online search box and listened to the explanation. I couldn’t believe it—I even understood the explanation. My son commented that he finds the Math Online tutorials so easy to understand.

So if you are considering using Math online in your homeschool you can buy a special math online homeschoolers package (60 % off the regular price) that will include all of your children.  You can find it here!

I hope you found this review helpful.  Michelle