A rewarding and fun project to do with the kids is to make a family tree.

It’s good for teaching history.

Our kids found out that they had a convict past and that their family were some of the pioneers in the Southern Highlands district of NSW.

Family Tree Instructions

You will need a large piece of cardboard to make the family tree. Alternatively you could choose a book but it is not as clearly illustrated for the child.

Talk about what a family tree is. You might like to read They Were Good and They Were Strong by Robert Lawson. Although this book is set in American it illustrates the concept of ancestors and is a Caldecott Medal winner.

Family Tree Book

Collect pictures (or make drawings) of your child’s immediate family.

Collect pictures (or make drawings) of grandparents and parents for the family tree.

Collect pictures –or make drawings of great grandparents and great-great-grand parents (if possible) for the family tree.

All the pictures need to be the size of a 20 cent piece.
You will need to store all of these pictures together as they will be used to make the family tree.

Now make the family history. Start at the bottom and paste the child and siblings in the bottom row of the cardboard. Talk briefly about their history—where they were born etc.

Continue working on the family tree, gluing pictures of family members to the family tree. Draw lines in between the family members to illustrate relationship. Discuss family member’s history as you do it. This will be finished over the year so there is no need to rush it.