Looking Back- My Homeschool Top Ten Posts 2015

Top Ten Posts 2015

Top ten homeschool posts 2015

We have finished homeschool for the year. Yippee!

It’s time for a good summer holiday break. This will be my last post for the year.

Before I rest my typing fingers I thought I’d share with you my favourite posts for the year.

Top Ten Posts 2015

  1. How My Homeschool Has Changed – Then and now!
  2. Co Learning with Your Kids – a win/win
  3. Making Reading a Writing Lesson – add some style.
  4. DIY – English High School Lessons – planning help
  5. What Qualifies You To Teach – a homeschool mum’s qualifications
  6. 20 questions homeschool mums should ask themselves – thoughtful questions for the New Year
  7. Margin of Motherhood – a good holiday reminder to find time for you.
  8. Do I teach Too Much History – incorporating history into your curriculum.
  9. High School Workboxes – organising your highschooler’s lessons.
  10. The Homeschool Mother’s Permission Slip – deciding what you will let yourself do.

Have a good holiday and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2016.

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Merry Christmas!



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