Russian Revolution & World War 1 Books For Kids

World War 1 Books For Kids

Russian Revolution and World War 1 Books are used for indepth studies in  in Year 9 of the Australian curriculum is from 1750 – 1918. Stories of World War one are often covered in Anzac Day stories as well. At My Homeschool we also cover this period in Year 6.

There are also some Australian world war one books in Australian history and stories is usually covered in primary school but the other topics are not required subjects in primary school. However many children like to study this period of history in their early school years. To use these topics in your planning you can record them as part of your literature, geography and history studies.

General Overview of World War 1 Books

The War to End All Wars by Russell Freedman
A general history of WWI with vivid stories written by a Newbery Medal winner. Ages 10— 17 yrs.

World War One For Kids – Kent Ranmussen
Book filled with lots of history and some activities for children. Ages 10 -17

World War I by Simon Adams
DK Eyewitness Book with lots of pictures and information. – All Ages

World War 1 Books & the Bolsheviks

My Story: The Trenches – Jim Eldridge

What was it like fighting in WWI ? A young man in the trenches tells his story. Billy Stevens, is on the Western Front in WWI, there in the trenches where the mustard gas is falling and the mud is thick. Ages 10— 17 yrs.

After the Dancing Days -Margaret Rostkowski
When Annie’s father, a doctor, returns from WWI, almost everyone she knows wants the war to now be forgotten. But what about the men who came off the train in wheelchairs, on stretchers? For them and the other men on the local repatriation hospital, the war still goes on. Annie’s father takes a job at that hospital and Annie begins getting to know some of the young veteran’s there. Can her cheerfulness help people so ravaged by pain and with so little hope? A thoughtful story Ages 10— 18 yrs

The Singing Tree – Kate Seredy
In this sequel to the beloved story, The Good Master, the two Hungarian cousins, Jancsi and Kate, are growing up when Jancsi’s father is sent to fight in The Great War. The cousins must take care of the farm, the relatives who come, Russian soldiers and the German war orphans. Ages 7 – 15 yrs.

In Flanders Fields – Linda Granfield
An illustrated story of John McCrae’s poem. “In Flanders Fields the poppies blow…” Written from the trenches of Ypres in WW I, this poem shows the daily lives of the soldiers and the beliefs about war that prevailed in that time. Large print picture book which includes a lot of facts information about the war itself. Ages 8 – 17 yrs.

The Gallipoli Story – Patrick Carlyon

The Yanks Are Coming -Albert Marrin
With excitement and vivid detail, Marrin describes America’s role in WWI. Ages 10 – 16 yrs.

The Silver Donkey – Sonya Hartnett
Set in WWI France, this superb story is about an English soldier, temporarily blinded by trench warfare, who attempts to get home. Three French children find him in the forest and care for him. His one keepsake,- a silver donkey, leads to him telling them beautiful moral stories from history of courage and faithfulness and humility, all of which include donkeys. Winner of The Australian Children’s Book Council award for 2005, HB Ages 6 – 14 yrs

World War 1 Books For Kids

Russian Revolution

Angel on the Square – Gloria Whelan
An aristocratic family close to the Tsar of Russia, view the growing unrest of the workers and peasants before the First World War, the influence of Rasputin, the changes that the war brought, Kerensky’s revolutionary government, the Tsar’s abdication and the Bolshevik take-over. A personal story which shows the whole spread of life in Russia from the cities to the countryside, the rich to the poor. Ages 9 — 16 yrs

My Story: Anastasia, The Last Grand Duchess – Carolyn Meyer
The last years of the Russian Tsars, told through the pen of Anastasia, the youngest daughter. In 1918 the whole family were killed by the Bolsheviks who had taken over Russia. Amazing photos of their immense wealth. Ages 10 — 16 yrs