Stories of Revolutions For Kids

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Stories of Revolutions For Kids

There are many stories of revolutions for kids. Here you’ll find the French Revolution, the growing ideas of communism, and the rise of Napoleon.

You can also look in these book lists for more revolutions in history.

Stories of Revolutions in France

The History of France by HE Marshall
This book covers the story of Frances history from Roman times to 1900. This book is an excellent read for understanding the political climate before and after the French Revolution

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.
A famous set in the lead up to the French Revolution including the storming of the Bastille. Often set as a high school text – Ages 14+ . If you are looking for a good abridged version try this one. Ages 8+

In Search of Honor – Donna Lynn Hess
Set in the French revolution is an existence where one calamity follows another, young Jacques Chenier struggles to free himself from the prison of his own bitterness and find the true meaning of honour. Great Christian message. Ages 10 – 14 yrs.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
What an exciting read this book is! Full of disguises the Scarlet Pimpernel smuggles aristocrats out of France. Highly romantic but an enjoyable story. The Jane Seymour Scarlet Pimpernel movie was a fun watch but it isn’t true to the book version.

Royal Diaries: Princess Marie Antoinette – Kathryn Lasky (OOP)
The life of this princess in the days where the rich wore wigs with entire landscapes in them, while the poor starved daily. Understand the lead up to the French Revolution and Marie’s tragic end. Ages 10 —16 yrs

In the Reign of Terror by GA Henty
This is an excellent story that helps you understand the characters of the time. A young Englishman is sent to England to live with a family of the French aristocracy. The French revolution begins and this young man now becomes crucial in helping the family escape. Ages 12 – 17 yrs

Les Miserable by Victor Hugo
This is an epic addition to our stories of revolutions. This is actually set after the French Revolution but its a classic read. Some of the French politics can get boring but the characters are very engaging. It’s a really long book. My daughter read it at 15 and loved it.  Ages 14 – 17 yrs

Stories of Revolutions For Kids

Progressive Ideas & Movements

For more on the actual Russian Revolution look here.

Prophet of Revolution: Karl Marx – Alfred Apsler (OOP)
This is the story of Karl Marx’s life complete with the irony of his circumstances. OOP but worth reading. Ages: 12 – Adult

Karl Marx: Great Lives Series by Nigel Hunter (OOP)
Another biography that is shorter and it doesn’t show some of the inconsistencies of his lifestyle with his writings.

Understanding the Times – David Nobel
Lots of deep ideas in this book. Here are the first 3 chapters. Ages 14 – Adult

Seven Men Who Rule From The Grave – Dave Breese
This discusses the lives of Marx, Darwin, Einstein, Freud, Dewey and more. It’s fascinating. I highly recommend it for thoughtful discussion with you teens. Ages 14 – Adult.

Classic Stories of Revolutions For Kids

These stories of revolutions are excellent to read while studying this period of history. You will often see these books used for senior high school English.

Animal Farm by George Orwell
As far as stories of revolutions go, this is a great one. It’s an allegory about communism set on a farm with the animals ruling the humans. I read it to my children when they were quite young and they listened intently. Ages 10 – Adult

1984 – George Orwell
Another allegory about communism with Big Brother looking over every move you make.

The Time Machine – HG Wells
Another time prediction of where industrialisation and communism might lead. A man travels into time and sees how they current philosophies of the day outwork themselves thousands of years later. A short read. Ages 12 – Adult

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
This book is not what you would expect if you imagine the Frankenstein commonly depicted. Worth reading and studying.

Time of Napoleon

The Flying Ensign – Showell Styles (OOP)
A combined volume of two Bethlehem books about a daring band of Englishmen who set up a defiant stand against Napoleon in both England and Spain. Includes Greencoats Against Napoleon and Byrd of the 95th. Exciting! Ages 9 —17 yrs

My Story: Waterloo — Bryan Perrett (OOP)
The battle that marked the final defeat of Napoleon in 1815. In this story Bob Jenkins of the British Royal Horse Artillery tells of the great men on both sides, the acts of bravery he wouldn’t have thought possible, and the terrifying moments. Ages 10 — 17 yrs.

The Midshipman Quinn Collection – Showell Styles (OOP)
A combined volume of four complete adventures of an unlikely hero against Bonaparte’s France. 600 pages of rip-roaring adventure as Midshipman Quinn captures informants, assaults fortresses, battles in mighty naval battles with Spanish treasure ships and makes desperate rescue attempts, all against impossible odds. A Bethlehem book. Ages 10 — 17 yrs.


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