New Zealand Books For Kids – History & Fiction

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new zealand books for kids

Here are a few New Zealand books for kids.

Historical Fiction & Novels – New Zealand books For Kids

Valley of Heavenly Gold by Eve Sutton© 1987 (OOP)
I stumbled on this little beauty. A father goes into the New Zealand gold fields and makes a find. When he comes home sick his son goes to find the gold. Great courage is required by the boy and he finds great comfort in his father’s bible. Suggested Age: 10+

Six Little New Zealanders by Esther Glen © 1917 (OOP)
Ester Glen was a contemporary of Ethel Turner and this title is a parody of The Seven Little Australian. This book is written with good humour and a little cheek. While reading it I had a few laugh out loud experiences. It is about a family who go to live on a farm with their bachelor uncles.

Comet in the Sky by Phyllis Johnson © 1985 (OOP)
Is a true story about May a girl of 11. It is set in 1909 around the time of Haley’s Comet. The story tells about life on a bush farm in New Zealand. The story is full of adventure and challenges. We read it as a read aloud and all enjoyed it.

The Drover’s Road Collection by Joyce West  (OOP)
A Bethlehem book of three adventures set in New Zealand. The author grew up in remote country districts of New Zealand and writes stories about warm family relationships and countryside adventures. Three complete books: Drovers Road, Cape Lost and The Golden Country. Ages 8 – 15 yrs

History – New Zealand Books For Kids

The Story of New Zealand by A.H. Reed © 1947 (OOP)
Recommended by Charlotte Mason homeschoolers for reading history.

Awesome Aotearoa by Margaret Mahey
Contemporary history of New Zealand but not one I recommend. It’s here just in case you thought I didn’t know about it. Has a horrible history feel about it. Read my review.

Our Empire Story by H.E. Marshall
A book about the colonies of Britain. One section of this book is dedicated to New Zealand history.

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